Friday, January 8

They don't Deserve our Hate, Only our Pity, Scorn and Snark

During her Interview Last Night on Letterman

Maddow: The most interesting thing about the first year of Obama's Presidency is how craxy the opposition has been to him.

You can say that again.

Wanna talk about really serious the cave called and wants it's BATSHIT BACK Crazy? How about treating a cartonnist exactly like the Taliban does with Death Threats simply beause you don't like his Cartoon?

Cartoonist like Mark Fiore:

"The death threats keep coming this fine morning. I guess the Tea Party crew is determined to have "death panels" one way or another. The dustup started because of this cartoon:"

To all of you who have written emails and comments, I really wish I could respond to every one of you. I truly appreciate your taking the time to write, even if we may be on different sides of the political fence. If there is one thing that my politically mixed San Francisco/Idaho background has taught me, it is benefit of continuing a discussion even if you don’t agree. Too often these days, the Left and the Right immediately shut down if you are deemed to be from the opposing camp. Here’s to good discussion even if we don’t agree.

Now please don’t kill me :-)

People that react to this kind of thing literally with Death Threats are not functioning rationally. You have no argument to whine when you hold up giant signs depicting holocaust victims and linking them to attempts to provide health care to 30 Million people.

There are legitimate arguments to be had about how the problems of health care,the economy, terrorism, climate-change and the future shape of America - but people like this, and increasingly their Republican representatives such as John Boehner, Michelle Bachmann, James Inhofe, Michael Steele and Sarah Palin are not even seriously taking part of the conversation - their off in some crazed La-La Land of paranoid delusion and fantasy.

Obama: Now it's not the time for partisanship, it is a time for citizenship.

In response to this call for Citizenship - we have Rush Limbaugh saying that we should be at War With Our President.

Treason Much?

More from Maddow and David Corn.

MADDOW: Is there a cost ultimately to that? Or does everybody just lie all the time in politics and even the flagrant ones don‘t count for us?

CORN: You know, people get away with these lies all the time. I think the cost is to the—you know, to the national discourse overall. I mean, these are serious issues and they‘re real issues, national security versus civil liberties. There‘s actually a case to be made about trying people as enemy combatants as oppose to keeping them in civil criminal trials.

I understand these are tough arguments. But we can‘t have them in a serious fashion and get to the best outcomes if you are throwing in weird lies like this. It shows that they‘re not really serious.

If they want to engage, there‘s plenty to engage on. You know, there are questions about, you know, what to do with Guantanamo and so on, that are very hard to wrestle with issues. But they‘re not serious.

MADDOW: I have—I have to tell you, David, I—without being snarky, I despair over this. I despair over this because there are real fights to have over the response to terrorism. You know, there are real fights to have over health reform.

But what did we do? We followed the Republicans‘ lead and spent all that time talking about death panels—which is made up.

CORN: Government takeover. Yes.

MADDOW: Yes. And on climate change. There are a lot of interesting ways to talk about the right way respond to that, but instead, it‘s climate-gate, it‘s all made up. Following the Republican framing into nonsense land and we‘ve ended up talking about stuff that is not real instead of talking about policy.

I want to have policy fights. I don‘t want to be fighting with people who refuse to acknowledge reality.

I agree, but the problem is that you can't have a battle of wits with the unarmed.


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