Thursday, January 7

The Re-Emerging Threat: White Power USA

And old axiom states: All The is Required for Evil to Spread is for Good Men to do Nothing.

In that vein I don't think that the open and virulent racists are the greatest danger or threat this country we face, it's those who would ignore, excuse, minimize, justify and stand shoulder to shoulder with them without comment or complaint.

The New Documentary "White Power USA" analyses that direct links between the Tea Party movement to a resurging White Power Movement which is able to find common cause with the Birthers, the Successionists and the Health Care Ragers.

"I want MY Country Back!"

Max Blumenthal at the 9-12 Protests:

Even those who would like just pretend these are merely ordinary citizens with honest concerns about the future of the country and their own financial security in the wake of the Bailouts and Handouts to Big Business and the insurance industry as well as out of control illegal immigration there is still this...

From USA Today.

The number of crimes against black people and members of religious groups increased in 2008, making up a growing share of incidents motivated by bias, the FBI reported Monday.

FAITH & REASON: Attacks up against Jews, Catholics

Those categories accounted for 56% of the 7,783 hate crimes reported in 2008. Overall, hate crimes increased 2% from 2007.

The election of the first black president and hot-button issues such as abortion and gay marriage contributed to the spikes, anti-bias groups say.

"There is this kind of extremism going on," says Hilary Shelton, director of the NAACP Washington bureau. He says Obama's election and the recession led to a backlash against blacks as some people look for someone to blame for hard economic times.

And it's not just the Tea Baggers, it's also been bogus fear heightened by mainstream reporters such as Lou Dobbs. Via the WaPO

U.S. civil rights leaders said yesterday that an increase in hate crimes committed in recent years against Hispanics and people perceived to be immigrants "correlates closely" to the nation's increasingly contentious debate over immigration.

Hate crimes targeting Hispanic Americans rose 40 percent from 2003 to 2007, the most recent year for which FBI statistics are available, from 426 to 595 incidents, marking the fourth consecutive year of increases.

Then you have those whose tactic is to constantly play the "Victim Card" when there own apparent racial bias is exposed - they immediate turn and accuse their accuser further muddying the waters and giving even greater cover to those with genuine animus - and thereby increasing the danger to us all.

The biggest danger isn't just the Supremacists, it's those who would stand directly in the way of responding, dealing and addressing the threat they represent... people like Beck and yes, the Tea Baggers who in all may not may not have a problem with the average non-white person or be Card-Carrying Nazis - but they're just standing next to one.


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knucklebones said...

Although I think we all should be proud of our own heritages, I'd never join any group based on race. I believe in America and our way of life. Interesting take on standing by doing nothing. Sometimes thats easier said than done. Living in southern california I don't run into the situation where I'd have to worry about it much. I'd rather not be around ignorant people. My wife is my best freind and the person I trust. Everyone else has to earn it. Following the herd has never been my "gig". Love seeing both sides of the coin though.