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Rudolph Giu-Liar-ani is Still Full Of It on Terrorism

After his inserted his foot up to his back molar on Good Morning America by claiming "Bush had No Domestic Attacks" - Rudy Gui-9/11-iani decided to do some damaged control on CNN, and managed to steer right into the high weeds.

Via Crooks and Liars

Rudy Giuliani came on The Situation Room to attempt to clarify his remarks on Good Morning America and still has his facts wrong. John's right. The media needs to give this liar a time out. Rudy now wants us to believe that he meant to say we weren't attacked since Sept. 11th on George Bush's watch. When asked about the anthrax attacks, Giuliani claims that wasn't a terrorist attack because the FBI didn't ever figure out who did it, and it "was not done in the name of Islamic terrorism".

Of course Blitzer didn't point out how utterly ridiculous that statement is, or some of the other domestic terrorist attacks that happened on Bush's watch as well, so he didn't do much better than George Stephanopoulos' bit of stenography on Good Morning America.

The FBI doesn't know who did the Anthrax Attack? Not according to WSJ

WASHINGTON -- In a series of court documents that were at turns chilling and bizarre, federal investigators said U.S. Army microbiologist Bruce E. Ivins misled government agents investigating the 2001 anthrax mailings, sent emails with language closely matching the handwritten letters sent to victims and had access to the strain of anthrax used in the crime.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation says the evidence, including hundreds of pages of unsealed documents, proves that Dr. Ivins was the sole person responsible for the 2001 anthrax mailings. Many of the documents contain previously unknown details and shed fresh light on the seven-year investigation, one of the most complex and controversial undertaken by federal law enforcement.

The only reason this suspect hasn't been brought to Justice is because he committed suicide as soon as it was announced that he was the chief suspect.

Guiliani's arguement is that we didn't have another Islamic Terrorist Attack since since 9-11, except for Fort Hood - and his evidence that Maj Hasan was a "islamic terrorist" is simply the fact he (allegedly) spoke in arabic during the attack - an allegation which has been disputed.

This he claims despite the fact that the FBI had already investigated and cleared Maj. Hasan of any terrorist affiliation.

Guiliani also goes on to say that Obama is making a mistake by calling it a "War on Al Qaeada" becasue there are other terrorist organizations out there such as Hezbollah and Hamas, and there are individuals who may be inspired by Islamic extremism besides those specifically allied with al Qeada.

If your going to include people "inspired" by al Qeada (which is clearly an attempt to pull Maj Hasan into the mix) you would then have to include things like the DC Sniper, the SUV attack on campus of UNC, the attack at LAX, the shooting of Army Recruiters in Little Rock and the planned attack on Ft. Dix - all of which occurred on Bush's watch as pointed out here by Lawrence O'Donnell on Countdown.

If that doesn't work for you here's a chart showing the number of terrorist attacks during the last three Presidents via Bob Cesca.

So much for "Bush Kept us Safe" - either before or after 9-11.

And if you really look into the numbers it seems we have a lot more to worry about from Domestic Terrorists affiliated with groups like the Army of God such as Scott Reoder or wack-jobs like the Holocaust Museum Shooter than al Qeada.

The other argument the Guiliani makes which is equally ridiculous and frankly for more dangerous, is the idea that U.S. Intelligence Offices can't talk to abdulMuttalab because he's been arranged in Federal Court. The fact is they absolutely CAN talk to him all they want to, especially if what their asking him about has nothing to do with presenting any evidence against him in court.

Yes, it might be necessary to have his attorney in the room during questioning if he requests it - but the FBI or CIA can talk to him all they want - they simply can't use what he says against him in his own case. What he says about other people is all fair game.

Giuliani is arguing that Miranda and the Fourth and Fifth Amendments shouldn't apply to this guy and that he should be treated as a Military Prisoner of War - but if he were a P.O.W. the only things that you could ask him, "Under the Laws Of War" (as Joe Lieberman recently claimed we should be using) - would NAME, RANK and SERIAL NUMBER.

The "Laws of War" are the Geneva Conventions.

It's really disappointing that Giuliani, who is a former Federal Prosecutor, seems to have lost all faith in the American Justice System - for a Partisan Jack Bauer Wet-Dream.


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