Friday, September 11

I got Banned from Sarah Palin's Facebook Page

I should've known it would happen. What was I Thinking anyway?

I decided to post the following on Sarah Palin's Facebook Wall:

You guys do realize that there actually are "Death Panels" - only their really called the Medical Insurance Industry that denies care and claims via Pre-Existing Conditions and Rescission? Obama has promised to Ban these practices - so I think Grandma is going to be just fine.

Lasted about 3 mins. Apparently they couldn't take a little Truthiness in their face?

Now I can no longer post on her wall, all I can do is issue a "Report" to complain about their posts. Maybe I should report them ALL as Libel and Gross Stupidity?

Last week the California Nurses Association released a study that shows that an average of 21% of claims made to Health Insurance Companies are DENIED.

More than one of every five requests for medical claims for insured patients, even when recommended by a patient's physician, are rejected by California's largest private insurers, amounting to very real death panels in practice daily in the nation's biggest state, according to data released Wednesday by the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee.

CNA/NNOC researchers analyzed data reported by the insurers to the California Department of Managed Care. From 2002 through June 30, 2009, six of the largest insurers operating in California rejected 47.7 million claims for care -- 22 percent of all claims.

So it turns out that Sarah Palin's Death Panel Fever Dream is Real. And it's been going on in the Private Insurance Market for years. Not too surprising that the Palin's response to this wonderful revelation in support of her hysterical claims - is to shoot the messenger.

Here's Dr. Laura Peeno describing her Congressional Testimony (which was shown in SickO) about how she was paid bonuses to deny legitimate care claims.

Here's the Testimony

To be fair not all these denied claims result in death, as they did with both Nataline Sarkisyan and Eric De La Cruz - they usually result in Bankruptcy - but even so, it's not acceptable that we let chronic illnesses drive people straight to the poor house, while Insurance Industries CEO take home salaries of $15 Million and more.



Anonymous said...

Insurance Companies are death panels? Let's see when you purchase insurance do you ask the pertinent questions to find out what is capped and what is not? Do you actually find out what is not covered so you can get additional insurance?

Maybe a little more research might have helped you -

Vyan said...

Watch the Videos, and read what the California Nurses Association said. Medical Insurance companies pay a *Bounty* and bonuses to their internal adjusters when they can deny high cost claims - it has nothing to with "caps" and what question you ask - they make their money by changing the rules in the middle of the game.


bs said...

you're absolutely right.