Friday, September 11

GOP = Party of Teh Stupidz!!

Some of us have known this sad sorry truth for a very long time. But more and more, from the Tea Party Screamers having absolute conniption fits about losing "Their America" to Socialist-Commie-Fascism from Kenya - all the way back to when Condie Rice refused to listen to Richard Clarke about the Dangers of Al Qeada. It's always been teh Stupid.

Too Stupid for the August 6 PDB.

Or to put down "My Pet Goat".

Or resist the urge to Kick Somebodies Ass after 9-11, even if it was the wrong ass.

Then came the Kidnapping and Extraordinary Renditions.


Illegal Surveillance of U.S. Citizens.

Secret Assassination Squads.

And still 8 Years Later we still don't have Osama bin Laden, or any WMD's.

Actually STUPID doesn't quite cut it.

Calling this "Stupid" - as the President once described the actions of the Cambridge Police in arresting a man for burglarizing his own house - is actually a compliment, because if these people aren't suffering from Terminal Stupidity, they are something much worse - A Series of Pathologic Delusions fueled by Blind Rage and an Atavistic Fear of Facts.

To this day they think they are the ones who're being unjustly picked-on and muzzled by those damn dirty meany Democrats.

Yeah, right.

They forget about events such as this, when one couple - Nicole and Jeffery Rank - who merely wore T-Shirts were arrested and ejected from a Bush Speaking Event in 2004.

We have only to look back to last year, 2008, when the St. Louis Police used tear-gas against protesters at the RNC Convention. Eight persons were charged with Terrorism and are still looking at prosecution.

Or here in 2007 when Rev. Lennox Yearwood was pulled out of line while trying to enter a hearing with Gen. David Petraeus. When he complained about being singled out he was assaulted and arrested - his injuries included a broken leg once the dust settled. Not for the squimish.

Imagine if Congressmen Wilson had been treated like any of these people, or like Cindy Sheehan was when she wore a T-shirt which counted the number of dead in Iraq to a Bush State of the Union in 2006? (She was Arrested)

Why are the wingnuts so fearful of power in the hands of Democrats being directed against THEM as their political rivals? Because it's exactly what they spent 8 years doing to Democrats for daring to point out the Crimes and Malfeasance of the Bush Administration!

But then, when you believe you are the Righteous Ones Decorum doesn't matter much, does it?

Neither do facts.


Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.

When confronted with plain English, the GOPers have literally figured out how to get 500 Angels to Dance on the Head of a Pin - in order to justify their ridiculous positions. Just as John Boehner does here, wherein he proclaims that the "Real" Liar - Is Obama.

Boehner: The President said that no will be forced to change their (health care) plan. But if you look at the employer mandate, many employers may choose to simply drop their plan and pay the 8% payroll tax - thereby forcing their employees into the Government Plan


If Employers drop coverage their employees will be able to buy low-cost coverage on their own through the Health Exchange - which includes Private Insurance Plans such as Aetna and Blue Cross exactly in the same way that Boehner himself gets his insurance through the Federal Employees Benefits Program.

They might also have, among those plans, a Public Option. Maybe a Co-op, maybe even the ability to Buy-In to Medicare (Yeah, I"m still hoping) - and unless they happen to be Illegal Immigrants they'll receive Affordability Credits to help them pay for those plans.

So even if your Employer does drop your coverage you'll have a way buy it on your own without having an Employer Dependance. My, Isn't that kinda - Freedom-like - and stuff?

The Bone-man goes on.

Boehner: HR 3200 does not include any restrictions on non-citizens participating in and paying for coverage, weather the citizens are present legally or illegally


Ok, so what's saying is there isn't going to be a Citizenship Test for those people who are buying insurance through the Exchange.


That's EXACTLY what we have now. If an Legal Resident Alien or a Undocumented Alien get into a car accident, it's not like the EMT is going to check their papers and the one who isn't a legal resident is going to be left on the side of the road to bleed out.

Apparently though, that's would Boehner and Wilson would like to happen. How "Christian" of them.

Even though they'll be mandated to pay for health insurance and won't receive federal assistance to help them pay for it - Boehner and Wilson still think either that these people should remain uninsured and be left alone to suffer or possibly remain untreated while they spread Lou Dobbs favorite bogey disease Leprosy to the rest of the population. Not to mention Tuberculosis, H1N! Bird Flue or Monkey Pox.

Sorry Honer - but by definition Health Care IS a Public issue.

And frankly, I think the personal mandate is probably a pretty good disincentive for continued illegal immigration, not an incentive.

Come to America: Now Pay your Bill or ELSE!

But if you want to find the Lord God Queen of teh STUPIDZ - look no further than Sarahcuda The Quitter Palin

"In his speech the President directly responded to concerns I've raised about unelected bureaucrats being given power to make decisions affecting life or death health care matters," Palin wrote. "He called these concerns "bogus," "irresponsible," and "a lie" -- so much for civility."

Obama was the Uncivil One? Isn't that so Stupid it nearly makes your Eyes Bleed?

Would it be "Uncivil" of me to wonder if being a Fracking IDIOT could be considered a Pre-Existing Condition for revoking Mrs Palin Parking Priveleges on the Highway of Public Discourse?

Just like the fact the Illegal Aliens can currently go to the Emergency Room all over the U.S., reimbursement for End of Life Consultation is already a part of Medicare.

Further the wacked-out scenario that she posits on her Facebook page where Government Bureaurcrats encourage doctors to steer patients toward care which is cheaper, but ultimately detrimental to their health - is exactly like what Insurance Companies are DOING NOW!

We already have "Death Panels" - their called the Health Insurance Industry.

Don't believe me, just ask Nataline Sarkisyan or Eric De La Cruz - and if they can't answer you, it's because their insurance companies effectively MURDERED THEM by refusing needed treatments. Nataline who was just 17, had her Liver Tranplant denied by Cigna, and Eric who was only 27 had a pre-existing condition that prevented him getting a Heart Transplant which wasn't covered by Medicaid.

Pulling the plug on "Grandma" is the least of our worries.

But what Obama would do is BAN the practice of denying care via the excuse of a Pre-Existing Condition. Even for you Sarah. He would BAN unreasonable rescissions of care simply because the policy holder had the temerity - TO GET SICK. He would BAN the unreasonable denial of claims which have driven literally Millions of American into bankruptcy after a medical catastrophe.

We Will have Significant Health Care Reform in this Country. It will happen THIS YEAR.

Meanwhile all teh Stupidz will be able to do is Fume. And Flail. And Scream - to an audience that will hear them less, and less, and less...


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