Thursday, July 2

Glenn Beck is a Traitorous Fucktard!

In this segment from the Daily Show, Jon Stewart takes Glenn Beck and guest Michael Scheuer Apart after they agree that what America really truly needs - is to be Attacked By Bin Laden Again, because only then will we respond with the "Violence that is Necessary".

Michael Scheuer, former CIA analyst and author of the book Imperial Hubris, appeared on Glenn Beck's show to declare, "The only chance we have as a country right now is for Osama bin Laden to deploy and detonate a major weapon in the United States...only Osama can execute an attack which will force Americans to demand that their government protect them."

This sentiment from Scheuer is no surprise to me, as the same attitude is expressed in his book on Bin Laden Imperial Hubris". His view is that America hasn't won a War since WWII simply because we haven't been willing to crush our enemies into Powder the way that Sherman Marched across Georgia and burned everything in sight, or Truman dropped the Atomic Bomb, not just once - but twice.

The problem with his argument is that the primary method that al Qeada has been able to use against us has been the depth of OUR brutality in Abu Ghraib, Gitmo and Bagram as well as the massive collateral damage as civilians continue to be caught in the cross-fire in Afghanistan.

This is not just a physical War with an opposing government as the Civil War and WWII were, but is instead a battle of concepts and the belief by either side in the inhumanity of their opponents. We win this by showing our Humanity and Humane-ity, not be become the worse version of the type of characatured monsters our enemies would paint us to be.

Some may disagree with me, but I tend to think the definition of someone who specifically endorses and WISHES for their country to suffer a massive deadly attack - is TRAITOR!


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