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Garafalo Invited to Pal Around with Racists Tea Baggers

What do you know - The Dallas Tea Party Wants Janeane Garafalo to come to a little Casual Soiree - but I'm thinking that back in the day they used to call these types of get together's something else... Man, what was the word again?

Oh yeah, "A Lynching!"

Some key Excerpts:

We gathered in hundreds of cities to stand for Liberty and let our elected Officials know that we will not be Bullied into Socialism. On April 16th you denounced our airing of Legitimate Grievances as "Straight Up Racism" - and chocked it to up to an act by a bunch of "Tea Bagging Red-Necks" (I ain't no Redneck). You're bigoted statement slandered all of us, when you didn't know any of us.

And none of you apparently, know Janeane.

First of all, the primary complaint coming from the Tea Parties was the issue of Government Spending, particularly in the wake of the 2009 Deficit. That would be shown in the following chart from OMB in Billions of Dollars (I've added a column showing the difference between these years, item by item, and the percent of increase to the deficit for each item so we can all see exactly where it came from)

Spending 2008 2009 Difference % of Deficit
Discretionary Spending
Defense 612 726 114 9.84%
Non-Defense 508 586 78 6.73%
Mandatory Spending
Social Security 612 675 63 5.44%
Medicare 386 425 39 3.36%
Medicaid 201 262 61 5.26%
Other 411 429 18 1.55%
TARP 260 260 22.43%
Recovery Act 267 267 23.04%
Interest 253 167 -86 -8.85%
Disasters 4 4 0.41%
Total Outlays 2983 3801 818 70.58%
Individual 1146 953 -193 -16.65%
Corporate 304 175 -129 -11.13%
Social Security 658 655 -3 -0.26%
Medicare 194 192 -2 -0.17%
Unemployment 40 44 4 0.35%
Retirement 9 9 0 0.00%
Excise 67 66 -1 -0.09%
Estate Tax 29 26 -3 -0.26%
Customs 28 24 -4 -0.35%
Fed Reserve 34 25 -9 -0.78%
Other 17 16 -1 -0.09%
Total Taxes 2526 2185 -341 -29.42%
Deficit -457 -1616 1159

It may seem like a legitimate grievance to point out the U.S. Deficit jumped from $400 Billion to $1.6 Trillion in one year, but the truth clearly shows the primary reason why was - Tax Revenues Went DOWN ALMOST 30%!!! There are two reasons for that, one is from Tax Cuts Implemented by President Obama in the Recovery Act and the other is the fact that people lost their jobs (and homes) during the economic down turn - which came to full-blown fruition under President Bush's "starve the people/feed the corporations policy" - that they weren't able to pay taxes the way they did the previous year. They were Broke!

Tax Receipts Alone count for a $341 Billion Jump in the Deficit.

So the Primary Complaint these Tax Tea-Partiers have - is actually coming from a dramatic CUT in the amount of Taxes we're paying! The next two items are the spending portion of the Recovery Act and the TARP which again was initiated under President George W. Bush. Just basic math shows you that well over 50-60% of the shift in the deficit came from Bush's last acts in office, not from Obama's first actions. If you factor in the cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan Conflicts which Bush kept Off Budget so it wouldn't reflect on the deficit (but now under Obama it does) the numbers shift even further, rising another $187 Billion in 2008 for an actual deficit of -$644 Billion, and causes the Tax Portion of the change to jump to a whopping -35.08%, while the Recovery Act goes to 27.47%, and TARP to 26.75%.

It wouldn't be fair or accurate to blame Bush for the entire $1.6 Trillion deficit, but neither is it fair, accurate or frankly Rational to lay it all at Obama's feet either.

And yet, during the Tea Party Protests we had posters like this...



And This...

Which is the picture Garofalo specifically mentioned when she was Stalked and Ambushed by Griff Jenkins of Fox News.

I initially thought Garofalo went too far in her comments on Olberman, but when Jenkins and his Radio Talk Show pal flat out REFUSED TO ACKNOWLEDGE the sentiment that is shown in these pictures - I changed my mind.

No, not everyone is holding up signs like that - not everyone has the same reason for protesting, but I have yet to see - YET TO SEE - anyone who went to these protests Call these guys Out! All they've said is "It wasn't me" - while standing right next to the guy with the big Obama "Ear-Marks" sign.

Why the hell didn't you bitch at THAT GUY for making your little "movement" look bad instead of Janeane for pointing out those guys make the rest of you look bad!

Sorry, but if you don't stand against them - YOUR WITH THEM! Didn't Bush teach you that?

Didn't Sarah Palin say Obama couldn't be trusted because he was "Palling Around with Terrorists!!" This, despite the Fact that William Ayers was never tried or convicted of anything - because of gross FBI misconduct- let alone even charged with hurting anyone in his entire life? Obviously Facts, and 40 years of non-violence since Vietnam didn't matter - Obama still couldn't stand dare to side-by-side with him (even though he nver did) or for that matter Reverend Wrong. We weren't allowed to consider them different people with different viewpoints - yet you people can stand in ideological solidarity with people like the Pittsburgh Cop Killer and not think it rubs off?

Those people next to you are the same people who think Obama wasn't born in the United States, helping to justify, feed and fuel the paranoia of the Holocaust Museum Shooter. These are the people that called Obama "Socialist" long before George Bush Took over the BANKS!!!. These are the people who believe in the FEMA CAMP conspiracy. Who think Obama is going to take Away all our Guns.

These people were part of your demonstration - THEY EXiST - and you can't wish them away, especially when Homeland Security says they might be dangerous - You, yes, I'm talking to you Michelle Malkin - DEFEND AND EXCUSE THEM. You embolden them with your words and deeds. The rest of us aren't blind. They may not be each and every one of you personally, or technically but they really are on your team - because despite all the claims that the Tea Protests are "Non-partisan" - exactly where were all the Anti-George Bush Signs?

Where were you people who now rail about losing our "Liberty and Freedom" while George Bush was Obliterating the 4h Amendment and Spying on everyone's - Everyones - phone calls and emails overseas? Where the FUCK were you people when Bush started kidnapping innocent people like Maher Aher or Abu Omar and shipping them off to be tortured in Syria and Egypt. You want to talk about "Losing Freedom" - that's some serious Freedom Deficit Building Up there pal.

Did you really believe that Bullshit about Abu Ghraib simply being the act of a "Few Bad Apples" when each and every thing they did, including using Dogs, Nudity and Sexual Humiliation was specifically authorized by President Bush and Donald Rumsfeld? We have it in writing. With their signatures on the documents.

You guys seriously want us to believe that your protest isn't either racial or partisan when - in the midst of your "good faith plea" for Janeane to "really get to know you" - you say stuff like this?

We all know you're only and actress but we all know that that language is a cop out. And let's face it if Sean Penn, Rosie O'Donnell and Alec Baldwin can do it - how hard can it really be?

Cheap shot much?

I mean, are you Fracking Kidding Me? They're going to ignore the guy with the Hitler-Obama picture and try and talk smack about 3-Time Oscar Nominee and 2 Time Oscar winner Sean Penn? People might fairly disagree with his polical causes, but you really want to attack his Talent? Or Rosies or Alec's who've both been in the Movie business for decades? Should the left take a cheap shot at Robert Duvall or Clint Eastwood (who directed the movie where Sean won his first Oscar) simply because they're Republicans? This is your idea of reaching out? This is supposed to convince Janeane you guys aren't either a bunch of racist/partisan Nutballs or the biggest pack of deluded enablers in history?

Nice try. No sale.

Oddly enough the best "actor" in your little commercial is clearly the (Planted Token) Black Guy - he actually sounds like he's not reading a script, except that it's obvious HE IS.

Or did you guys use a Teleprompter for that?


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