Monday, June 1

White NYPD Cop Shoots Black NYPD Cop - Again!

Many people are arguing on both sides that this is simply a Blue-on-Blue tragedy, while others say that this is part of a pattern of White Officers shooting Black cops and Black or Latino citizens.

ep. Charlie Rangel even stated when asked what Obama should do when he comes to New york - "Make certain he doesn’t run around in East Harlem without identification."

According to the NYTimes report they didn't realize that Omar Edwards was a member of the police until they attempted to perform CPR and found his Police Academy T-Shirt underneath.

The entire situation sounds really sad and tragic, the police supporter in this report argues that the black cop - while chasing a perpetrator who broken into his car while off-duty - was spotted chasing a man with his gun drawn by other plain-clothes officers and was told "Stop, Police!." Supposedly he didn't drop his weapon and tried to turn, that's when shots were fired.

Here's the thing that jumps out at me - HE WAS SHOT IN THE BACK!

If he legitimately tried to turn and didn't follow protocol, which would have been to drop his weapon - why didn't he get hit in the side?

Just like the shooting of Amadou Diallo a decade ago, who was hit 41 times by shots fired by plain-clothes Officers when he allegedly reached for what they *thought* was a weapon. It turned out to be a his wallet.

But that's not all...

In November 1992, a black undercover police officer, Derwin Pannell, was trying to arrest a fare beater when he was mistaken for a mugger and shot by white fellow officers outside a subway station in Canarsie, Brooklyn. Police officials initially said the episode, involving an inadvertent encounter between two teams of plainclothes police officers, was not about race.


In August 1994, a black plainclothes transit police officer, Desmond Robinson, was shot and wounded by a white officer, Peter Del-Debbio, on a crowded East Side subway platform. The case generated outrage because of evidence showing that the black officer was shot several times in the back while he was falling or already lying face down.


In January 2006, a rookie police officer, Eric Hernandez, was assaulted at a White Castle restaurant in the Bronx, and then shot three times by a fellow officer, Alfredo Toro, who was responding to a 911 call. He died 11 days later.

People like Al Sharpton and Charlie Rangel are not trumpeting to this HILLS that this is a case of Racism and Racial Profiling - that isn't clear yet. They're simply asking the question - is this part of a pattern?

Even if it isn't racial, why does this keep happening - shouldn't that question be answered?

That's quite a difference from people accusing our latest Supreme Court Justice of Racism because of ( a gross mis-reading of) one sentence. In one case a person dared to say "White" and "Latino" in the same sentence, in another case - someone is DEAD, and those asking "Why" are supposedly being "Irresponsible?"

I think not.


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