Tuesday, June 2

General Sanchez calls for Truth Commission

Following the recent comments from Gen Taguba, the author of the Abu Ghraib report, that "the Bush Administration perpetrated War Crimes", and an admission from Gen David Petreaus that "Geneva was violated" in Iraq, former Multinational Forces Commander Lt. Gen Ricardo Sanchez has called for a Truth Commission to reveal what did and didn't happen at Abu Ghraib and in Iraq.

From Huffpo

The General described the failures at all levels of civilian and military command that led to the abuses in Iraq, "and that is why I support the formation of a truth commission."

The General went on to say that, "during my time in Iraq there was not one instance of actionable intelligence that came out of these interrogation techniques."

I interviewed General Sanchez after the event and asked him to elaborate on why he felt the US needed such a commission. "For the American people to really know what happened, " he replied, "...this was an institutional failure, a personal failure on the part of many...."

"If we do not find out what happened," continued the General, "then we are doomed to repeat it."


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