Tuesday, June 2

O'Reilly makes HIMSELF the Victim in the Tiller Assasination

Yes, hard though it may be to believe - BillO actually tried to claim these he's the real victim in all of this sturm and drang over the shooting of "infamous abortionist" George Tiller - because now all those Evil Liberals are gonna be Mean to Him!

And he's not alone..

Juan Williams: I think there are people who are for abortion rights who are going to use this now, as a political tool to beat people up and make them all seem to be extremists

Maybe people have a problem with BillO, because of BILLO! Y'think?

Notice that O'Reilly never talks about the fact the Tiller was SHOT AND MURDERED IN HIS CHURCH, all his does is try to distance himself from any responsibility for it - all the while repeating his own hateful rhetorical focusing on the Washington Times claim of "60,000" late-time abortions performed by Dr. Tiller during the length of his 35 year career.

Why doesn't he talk about the 60,000 (and frankly far more) women who were helped by Dr. Tiller in the midst of a traumatic health crisis?

And what of those who critized O'Reilly? Have they really tried to conflate honest legitimate opposition to Abortion with those who are the most extreme and violent?

Take a look, Here's Rachel Maddow discussing the issue with Jonathon Turley.

Not much blame or conflating thrown around here. As Turley notes the Brandenburg standard may allow you to say "This person should be killed", but not "Kill HIM NOW!" So did O'Reilly ever cross that line? Probably not, but he certainly danced on it a couple dozen times.

Then again here's what repentant Right-Wing Evangelist Frank Schaeffer had to say about it. (And he should know, he was there when the Right-Wing first starting using the Anti-Abortion plank as part of their political platform) Sometimes it's not what you say - it's what you mean.

Also note that O'Reilly completely fails to recognize the links between Scott Roeder and "Operation Rescue" (which is technically the same organization as "Operation Save America": and the long history of violence against both Women's doctors and gays, including Eric Rudolph the Olympic Park Bomber.

Like Schaeffer, and using his words as his basis, Keith was equally forceful in his criticism while calling for an outright Quarantine of Fox news

As Schaeffer discusses, these guys may not have technically crossed the legal line in public - but their intentions are clear from the pattern of Hate Speech that has spewed from that channel for years.

Hate Speech may be legal, but it's still Hate Speech.

If the law can't hold them accountable, them maybe we should follow Keith's suggestions and make them pay in the only way they'll recognize - in the pocket book.


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