Wednesday, May 20

Ten True Things!

1. Shep Smith Fox News: America Does Not Torture by Law and Treaty
2. Obama: America has been arrogant, but Europe has "casual, insidious" tendency for Anti-Americanism.
3. Fox News: People have attempted to portray the President as "Foreign" simply because of his name.
4. Joe Scarborough: He (Barack) didn't start the Fire, George Bush Nationalized the Banks.
5. Fox News: We can successfully keep terrorists in our Prison.
6. Joe Klien CNN: Rush Limbaugh is just as inappropriate as Wanda Sykes, and misinforming the American public is much more serious than a couple of Jokes.
7. MSNBC: I think Obama wants a Constutional Scholar on the SCOTUS.
8. O'Reilly: ACORN is not getting $2 Billion in Stimulous Money.
9. Shuster MSNBC: Torture was used to justify the Iraq War, not protect America.
10. MSNBC: It doesn't matter who Obama picks for the Supreme Court, Repulicans will be screaming that they are "Liberal and Activist"!


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