Sunday, May 17

Liz Cheney is Geobbels!

Goebbels used modern propaganda techniques to manipulate and psychologically prepare the German people for aggressive war and the annihilation of civilian populations.

Listen as Liz Cheney uses trickery to justify an attempted War Crime!

The Serial Lying She-Goebbels Speaks.

First of all the issue isn't just the Water-boarding it's all the illegal coercive "24" crap they pulled on hundreds of detainees.

Second the specific allegation which appeared on Rachel last Friday pertains to the interrogation of the head of the Iraqi Secret Police as detailed by Charles Duelfer who was there. He even put it in his book.

It is technically true that Duelfer and his team rejected the suggestion, but several sources have now confirmed that it did come from the Vice President's Office.

The third thing, and really amazing part is that she tries to simultaneously put this claim on teh back of Colin Powell's former COS Col. Wilkersen and literally accuse him of fabricating "Fantasies" in order to maintain his own talk show cottage industry in a mad vendetta against Vice President Cheney.

Oh, Liz - me thinks thou dost protest - and project - far too much.

Why should we be surprised that Cheney's Office attempted to get a false confession from this man? They'd already done the exact same thing with Ibn Shaik al-Libi, having him buried alive in Egypt until he "confessed" that Saddam "had trained al-Qaeda on the use of chemical weapons". This was a Lie!

Why should we be surprised after Cheney's Office plotted to reveal the identity of a covert CIA Operative to cover their own ass over a forgery linking Saddam to yellow cake Uranium? This was a Lie!

Why should we be surprised when the White House ignored the head of Iraqi intelligence who told us in January 2003 "Iraq has NO WMD", and instead asked him to forge a letter claiming that Mohammad Atta had been trained in Iraq? This was a Lie!

It's not about whether this particular guy was or wassn't water-boarding, it's a clear and obvious pattern of malfeasance and LIES that is most revealing.


(Update:For the record I'm not calling her a "Nazi" - I'm calling her a LIAR just like Joseph. If you don't the impact of the Iraq war has been a devastating as some of the things excused by Joseph, I would point you to the estimated 655,000 dead and 4.5 Million displaced by a War which was waged based on a Pack of Lies expoused by Father Dick, and continued by Daughter Liz. Except for maybe the Khmer Rouge no one else is even in this league in modern memory!)

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Anonymous said...

Thank God they're gone from power. Now, investigate and prosecute them.