Tuesday, May 19

Pelosi-Gate: The Diversion from Investigating War Crimes and Torture

(Sorry for the high-pitched whine in the audio - I'm working on that)

Last night on Rachel, the issue of just what Nancy Pelosi knew and when she knew it was examined for once with a less than jaundiced eye toward ignoring the entire "War Crimes Were Committed" thing.

I don't have a lot to add that I didn't already say in "Leave Nancy Pelosi (The Frack) Alone!"

Except to point out that at this point in time Sen Bob Graham's notes also contradict the CIA's, and even Leon Panetta basically says the CIA's information can't be trusted. This "Controvesy" is essentially all over, except for the whining.

Like this....

If we're going to continue down this road of nit-picking everything Democrats knew and did concerning what the Republicans are increasingly starting to admit Was Torture, it's only fair that we look at and examine what Porter Goss - who was head of the House Intelligence Committe at the time of those famed briefings - or what Senator Roberts his counter-part did.

Lay it All out On the Table.

Let's talk about Ibn Shayhk al-Libi who in February of 2002 was water-boarded and "broken" - then when he wouldn't give up link between Saddam and Bin Laden, he was buried alive until he did claiming that Saddam had been training al-Qaeda operatives on the use of Chemicals weapons.

Except that he DIDN'T.

Saddam didn't train al-Qaeda. Saddam didn't even have any Chemical Weapons anymore, and we knew it because the head of Iraqi Intelligence Habbush told us so in January of 2003.

Instead of listening to the truth, they requested that Habbush forge a letter claiming that Mohammad Atta was trained in Iraq.

In August 2002, Abu Zubaydah was water-boarded 80 times after he gave up KSM and Jose Padilla because he hadn't linked Saddam to Al-Qaeda yet.

In March 2003, KSM was water-boarded 183 after he revealed information about the Library tower plot (which had already been foiled) because he wouldn't tell us where Al-Qaeda washiding in Iraq.

In April 2003, Cheney's Office requested the Water-boarding of an Iraqi P.O.W. (in clear violation of Geneva since it was never denied to Iraqis by President Bush), simply to get him to tell us about - you guessed it - Links between Saddam and al-Qeada.

is it starting to look a bit like "The Facts are being made to fit the Policy?" They were.

Before the Iraqi invasion every bit of evidence against Saddam either came from a liar like >Curveball (aka "Rafid Alwan"), a blatant forgery or Torture.

All of these people were tortured to Justify a Lie!

THAT'S THE ISSUE, not which briefing Nancy Pelosi received while she was in the minority in Congress, and whether she was willing to violate National Security Classification Laws to "get the word out" - while every other Republican around like Goss, Hoekstra and Roberts stood by silently.


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