Thursday, April 9

Ok, So it wasn't Glenn Beck - it was the Gheys!!

From Thinkprogress.

Right-wing groups have said that marriage equality removes the “cornerstone of society” and may “destroy…democracy.” Now, Morality in Media President Bob Peters on linking same-sex marriage to the recent tragic uptick in mass murders:

This secular value system is also reflected in the ’sexual revolution,’ which is the driving force behind the push for ‘gay marriage;’ and the Iowa Supreme Court decision is another indication that despite all the damage this revolution has caused to children, adults, family life and society (think abortion, divorce, pornography, rape, sexual abuse of children, sexually transmitted diseases, trafficking in women and children, unwed teen mothers and more), it continues to advance relentlessly.

It most certainly is not my intention to blame the epidemic of mass murders on the gay rights movement! It is my intention to point out that the success of the sexual revolution is inversely proportional to the decline in morality; and it is the decline of morality (and the faith that so often under girds it) that is the underlying cause of our modern day epidemic of mass murders.

Ok, sure he's not blaming The Gheys!, He's - uh - just blaming all the murder on the SEX! (And those morally bankrupt Gheys who keep trying to not "live in sin" anymore by getting Legit!) Yeah, because we've never in history had people of faith go on a mad rampage and cause mass murder - not in the Crusades, not during the Inquisition, not in Somalia, Ruwanda, Northern Ireland, Waco, Jonestown, Fallujah or Bosnia - no, no no - that could never happen!



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