Wednesday, April 8

Dailyshow on Speaking Crazy to Power!

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Last night John Stewart produced a tour de force on those - Hannity, Beck, Bachmann and Limbaugh - who've decided to make a carreer of Speaking Crazy to Power.

Stewart: Tyranny? Tyranny?! Listen, you're in the minority now - it's supposed to taste like a shit taco! I recall that when you guy was in power we were asked "Why do you hate America? Love it or Leave it! Sit down and take it! Suck on my Truck Nuts." It's only been 10 Weeks, you guys have a mid-term election in 20 months - you need to learn how to Pace Your Rage!

Yeah, we should know - I'm still using drano flavored mouthwash after 8 years of Bush.



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