Monday, November 3

Tomorrow is the First Day in a Brand New America

It's not simply because of the very likely election of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States.

It's not because he would be the first African-American to hold high office. It's not because he would be the first Democratic President with a Democratic House and Senate in 16 years.

It's because of how he reached this position.

It's because of US, it's because of YOU - because Barack has stood for the Hope and Promise of what American should be and can be rather than wallow in the fear and selfish greed that has come to define the cold stone heart of the Conservative Movement.

Tomorrow will be a brand new America, because the dark cancer of neo-conservativism will finally - be in Remission!

I know I for one have had a lot of anger and frustration of the litany of crimes, malfeasance and out-and-out bullshit that has come year after year from the right-wing.

Failure to respond to the Cole Bombing once the CIA and FBI agreed that it was done by Al Qeada in early 2001. Failure to respond all the warning of an impending attack from Richard Clark, George Tenet, the FAA and the August 6th PDB. Failure to capture Bin Laden at Tora Bora. Manipulation and distortion of the Iraq intelligence, including use of multiple forgeries and information gained via torture in order to begin a War that didn't need to be fought with an unarmed country. Ignoring the impending insurgency. More torture at Abu Ghraib, and Bagram AFB. Patriotism used as a weapon. Blowing the budget surplus, with tax cuts for people who don't need tax cuts and are perfectly fine shipping our jobs and healthcare to China and India. Turning ex-Soviet Gulags into Secret "Black Site/24 Wet Dream" Prisons. Illegal Domestic Spying on American citizens. Freedom Fries! The suddenly shrinking American Dollar. Ignoring New Orleans while the levees collapsed and the city drowned in it's own sewage. The Midnight Ride to save the brain-dead blind woman, Terri Schiavo. Bill Frist and his remote viewing diagnosis. Purple heart band-aids. David Safavian, first Bushie to go from the White House to Jail. Mark Foley the Fondler. Jack Abramoff. Bob Ney. Randy "Duke" Cunningham and his yatch "The Dukester!". Haditha. Ted "Series of Tubes" Stevens. KBR and the showers of death. David Vitter. Tom Delay. KBR and their date-raped employees. Mamaudiya. Blackwater, the State Dept. own lawless gang of murderers. Voter Suppression.
Disabling consumer protections and regulations while our medicine kills us, our toothpaste has antifreeze, our dog and catfood is poisoned, our toys are painted with lead, our rivers and fish are filled with mercury, our mines and bridges begin to collapse - and then our finally our banks fall apart too!

As of tomorrow - All This Crap is Over!

With all of this, America has been hijacked by a gang of thieves and thugs in the guise of "Real Americans". People that don't believe that government can work, should be running the government.
It only goes one place - INTO THE GROUND!

None of this was an accident, although I wouldn't claim that it was a part of a rational plan. It was the result of two very simple things: Greed and Fear.

Protecting the public from real threats is expensive, so they don't bother doing that - but pretending to protect them from phony threats is a lucrative business venture. It's all about making a buck off the other guy, using them and their misfortunate as your stepping stone to prosperity. Of course they don't care if their fellow Americans are suffering, they figure that's an oppurtunity to make some cash.

They're incredibly afraid that a government that actually works is going to take all that away from them.
They're afraid of The Gay.
They're afraid of the young. They're afraid of the sick.
They're afraid brown, the spanish, the jew, the muslim, and the black all "taking THEIR country away from them".

But it's not their country, it's OUR Country. All of us.

We have to come to realize that the conservative heart is cowardly.
It may be easy to hate them for the hate that they fearfully project onto uthers, but we need to rise above hate and anger. In fact, it is more appropriate to pity them than hate them. Little do they realize the damage they have done, to themselves and to the nation. The past is done, the future is tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the day where we can finally show some courage.

Do we have the courage to trust a man who doesn't just talk about reaching out and working with people who may virulently disagree with him, but has actually done it with Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, Mr.
Khallidi and even Republicans like Tom Coburn adn Dick Lugar- because he certain doesn't agree with them.
We shouldn't have the SHUN people we disagree with, should we? We shouldn't have to inflict loyalty tests on each other.
I've frequently wondered if the self-styled "Real Americans" will ever learn that?

Does America - Both "Real" and Virtual - have to courage to live up to it's convictions that all men have a right to disagree, agreeably? Do we have the courage to fight terror without using terror? Can we show the character and commitment to once more become the moral standard bearer for the world, that we've continually claim to be? Can we face all of our fears, terrorism, global climate change, a multi-national financial crisis, increasing health care costs, falling wages, and disappearing savings with a confident smile rather than a petulant snear?

I think we do. I think "Yes We Can".

We won't fix everything all at once. We won't always make the right choice on the first try. But we have to have the courage to try, with the knowledge that we can't go back to where we've been - we can't go back to the being scared.

Today will be our last day to live in fear. God Bless the Brand New America.


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