Wednesday, November 5

Hell - Fracking - YES, we CAN!

It's been a long time coming. President Barack Hussein Obama!

We've finally had our moment, it's like finally seeing Bobby Kennedy make it all the way - like seeing Malcolm and Martin's dream alive again.

But this isn't Black Thang, it's an America Thang. American finally has a chance, just a chance - to begin to fulfill it's promise of "We the People..."

But we're going to have to work for it, and work hard. We still have to LEAVE IT ALL ON THE ROAD - because this time we can't afford to fail or the dream will die and not return for another generation, if ever.

I'm probably going to be the first to say it - but we owe George W. Bush our thanks.

Thank You George W. Bush.

Thank you for being such a massive incredible fucktard that you made it blindingly obvious to so many Americans that we needed to go a completely different direction than we have during the last 14 years of Republican dominance in Washington.

Thank you Karl Rove, for teaching us how to stomp your sleazy smear campaign tactics into the ground. Thanks to Lorita Doan, Monica Goodling, Jack Abramoff, Bob Ney, Randy "The Dukester" Cunningham, Mark Foley, David Vitter, Larry Craig, Tom Delay, Brownie, John Ashcroft and your Soaring Eagles, John Yoo and your torture memos, Jay Bybee, Scooter Libby, Alberto "Someone may prosecute us for War Crimes" Gonzales (Ya think!), Condoleeza "It was a historical document" Rice, David "Fourth Branch" Addington and the Prince of Darkness himself - Richard "The Dick" Cheney.

If America hadn't seen how much all of you completely, utterly suck duck butter they might have elected John McCain. You all did America a great service.

Oh, and also thanks John McCain for being such a complete crazy horse maverick nut ball. Thanks to Sarah Palin, just take your hockey-mom pumps witcha on the way back to your witch doctor in crazytown Alaska, also... You Betcha. And thanks, for making sure America knew better than to dive down another dead-end rat hole along with Joe the (Not A) Plumber - not zesty.

Ok - I had to say it - because it needed to be said. And it has to be remembered because we CAN NEVER LET THESE PEOPLE HAVE POWER IN AMERICA AGAIN!!!


So sure, we've had our fun - we've had our shadenfreud. We've had our party. Now it's time to get to work and start cleaning up all the feces strains these people have left on the reputation of our country. Time to get a bucket, some water, soap and start doing the heavy lifting. We have to remember that republicans still have over 40 votes in the Senate to road block just about anything, particular after they doubled the all time record for filibusters in the last two years. It's going to take more than cheering crowds to get the job done.

Today is the first day in the future of America, and we better be ready for the fight of our lives - because this will be The Fight Of and FOR our Very Lives.

We have to remember that we're fighting for an responsible end to the mistaken misguided Iraq War. To finally capture and kill Bin Laden, to bring everyone affordable effective health care, to make our companies and corporations take as much care of their workers and customers as they do their shareholders, to have genuine energy independance, to rescue our economy, to make our government both efficient and effective - there when it's needed and out of the way when it isn't.

This time it'll be different, this time we can't afford to give in to cynicism or apathy. We can't afford to sit back now, we can't afford to become complacent and expect Barack to do everything - NO, he taught us we can be stronger together than we are seperately and we have to continue to blog, lobby congress, discuss, review the facts and fight for a better America.

This is our moment, this is our time. Let's make it count. Let's leave it ALL ON THE ROAD!

Amen, Brother Amen!


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