Tuesday, October 14

Welcome to America-The-Stupid.. and Scary

This video was shot at McCain/Palin rally in Ohio.

http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=KjxzmaXAg9E

So is Obama some kind of terrorist - (even though William Ayers was never convicted of ANYTHING 45 years ago when Barack was 8 years-old, and is now a respected member of Chicago society and even a friend of the Mayor) - or are more than a few of these people suffering from a sad, tragic, bigotted delusion drivin into a fedding frenzy by a barrage of lies, distortions and cheap innuendo from the McCain/Palin Campaign?

"Who is Barrack Obama Really?"

Well, he's already written two best selling books describing himself, why do you try reading some of them?

In recent events supporters have shouted "Terrorist" and "Kill Him" response to McCain and Palin's attacks on Obama and Ayers.
It's gotten so bad that the Secret Service is Investigating!

It's perfectly reasonable to disagree with Obama or McCain over policy issues.
It's perfectly reasonable not to like or trust either of them, but this?

If Obama is a bad guy because he didn't call Ayers to the carpet for his actions in the mid-60, what does it say about McCain when HIS CURRENT SUPPORTERS behave like this and HE SAYS NOTHING?!

Is this what McCain calls "Country First" - more like "Lunatics First".


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