Wednesday, October 15

More Palin Racists in Ohio

Someone finally reports what's is really like at a Palin Rally, and woudln't you know it would be Al Jazeera?

So what do they think of Obama?

"I'm afraid if he wins, the black [sic] will take over. He's not a Christian! This is a Christian nation! What is our country gonna end up like?"

"When you got a Negro running for president, you need a first stringer. He's definitely a second stringer."

"He seems like a sheep - or a wolf in sheep's clothing to be honest with you. And I believe Palin - she's filled with the Holy Spirit, and I believe she's gonna bring honesty and integrity to the White House."

"He's related to a known terrorist, for one."

"He is friends with a terrorist of this country!"

"He must support terrorists! You know, uh, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck. And that to me is Obama."

"Just the whole, Muslim thing, and everything, and everybody's still kinda - a lot of people have forgotten about 9/11, but... I dunno, it's just kinda... a little unnerving."

"Obama and his wife, I'm concerned that they could be anti-white. That he might hide that."

"I don't like the fact that he thinks us white people are trash... because we're not!"

I have to agree that I feel sorry for these people and their tragic mis-information. They simply have it all wrong, but convincing them of them is probably impossible. NO one like to believe their worldview is completely upside down. No one likes to be told they look like a bloody fool. No one like to be embarrised this way.

Yet, it has to be done.

The real question is - just what will they finally do when reality smacks them hard in the face? Accept it or lash out? And being unable to reach Barack himself, who will be on the receiving end of their terror and anger?


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