Tuesday, October 14

Olbermann Hits It out of the Park on McHate!

I know Keith has his own diary up, but he rarely includes the video and this simply has to be seen and heard to be fully appreciated.


It has to be repeated that this is no laughing matter, pathetic and laughable though the mCcain campaing response - accusing John Lewis of "the most outrageous thing in politics" for clearly pointing out the FIREY DANGER that their campaign in playing with in such a cavelier manner.




"He's an Arab!"

Yet the McCain campaign attempts to play dumb when these are the answers are shouted by - by HIS Supporters - when he and Governor Palin ask the thinly veiled rhetorical question "Who is Barack Obama Really?"

Correct Answer: The Next President of the United States.

In this country we are guaranteed the freedom of speech, the freedom to express our ideas and voice our opinions - except - when those opinion are direct invocations for violence and an incitement to cause harm to others.

Despite his weak claims last friday the Barack Obama isn't a "Muslim" and in instead a "decent family man" - John McCain and Sarah Palin have grossly abused their freedom by implying that Obama is dangerous to the nation.

Covering your ears and claiming "I didn't Hear it" - and I didn't Tell them to say it is simply not good enough. The McCain campaign should hang it's head in shame simply because they haven't taken a unequivocal stand against this hate speech. Hiding behind innuendo and vague suggestion is a poor substitute for taking responsible action.

It's not like we have to wait for this type of thing to have consequences, it already has had real physical consequences.

Although the natural inclination is the fear for the potential safety of Barack Obama himself, the reality is that the very real danger exists agsinst those who openly support him, particularly in the deepest darkest red states.

Over the past few days we've numerous recommended DKOS diaries which have described a litany of personal threats and even violence against Obama supporters.

For example:

"If Anyone in this House Votes for Obama, I'll Shoot Them"

And various adventures at Walmart.
Soooo... Tonight I needed to go to Wal-Mart. I try to avoid it as much as I can because I prefer to give my money to the local businesses in town, but I had to go tonight. I try to wear one of my Obama Tshirts whenever possible because I am just really proud of my candidate. Tonight it was my HOPE MONGER tee ;o) It's funny the looks you get from people when you're in the minority.. Sometimes people look at my shirt and then at my face like I'm crazy.. Some smile, some say "Love that shirt!" And tonight... a woman actually confronted me about it.

I was behind her in line thru the self check out... and she looked at me and in a tone dripping with disdain, said, "Can I just ask you 'Why'"? (I knew immediately what she meant), but I asked her, "Why what?" She made a motion with her hand over her own chest, indicating my shirt... She said "Why? Why all that?" My first reaction was really incredulousness, and I said back, smiling, "Why NOT?!" I asked her what our other choices were. And she said.. "Well, not SOCIALISM!"

Or accidentally attending a McCain/Palin Meetup.

As soon as the last member of their group came in, they prayed. In their prayer they begged that God "deliver the country from the evil socialists" and even prayed that "Obama find God".

They talked a little more about how Obama would destroy our country with "free health care" and "gay marriages". The feared his daughters would probably play loud rap music in the White House while world leaders were staying. They feared that Muslim would become our official religion. One of them even feared that "the Muslim language would be taught in schools." Priceless.

And again at Walmart - They Attacked My Daughter.

She wasn’t in the door 2 minutes before she was attacked. And I mean attacked. They pounded her on her old man’s intelligence, how could a small businessman be a Democrat? How could a small businessman support these proposed corporate tax increases? How could a small businessman support Obama’s new health plan? How could a small businessman support the tax increases on the rich (over 250K)? On and On...

I strongly suspect these are not and will not be anecdotal incidents. As they themselves have stated - The Wingnuts are Enraged!

And they will be taking their rage out on the rest of us, who dared to dream and dared to hope that American can and will be better than it is today.

Therefore - we must be ready for them. Just as John Lewis, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the freedom riders were ready for the hatred, vitriol and violence that was directed at them. We need to be brave, to stand tall, to realize that we are right - and they are wrong.

We do not need to respond to their violence in kind, we do not need to let them make us into them - but we do need to stand, and to stand up for what is right, and what is true.

God Bless America.


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