Saturday, January 15

Impact of Tucson Speech felt around the Worl

Although the international response to the actual shooting has been somewhat muted, the response to Obama's stunning speech not only silenced the Right-Wing Critics (for about 3 minutes) it's also had a massive response from around the world.

Details (compiled by my wife Robin) over the flip.

    Arizona shootings fallout and Obama's Tucson speech - as it happened

    Paul Harris with all the latest as the US continues to come to terms with the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords and 19 others – including Barack Obama's speech to the nation tonight

    Guardian - UK

    Barack Obama calls for an end to 'sharply polarised' US

    US president warns against allowing search for answers about Arizona shooting to further divide the country
    Guardian - UK

    Obama tröstet, warnt und fordert Respekt

    (Obama consoles, warns, and commands respect)
    (other connected articles, photos)
    Stern - Germany

    Obama veut apaiser le débat politique après la tuerie de Tucson

    (Obama seeks to pacify political debate after the killings in Tucson)
    France24 - France

    Tucson, l'appello di Obama

    "America, ritrova te stessa"
    Tucson, Obama’s call “America, find yourself again”
    La Repubblica - Italy

    Giffords opens eyes for the first time since shooting
    Toronto Star - Canada

    Obama ruft Nation in Trauerrede zur Einheit auf

    (Obama addresses nation in funeral oration about unity)
    (several other related articles)
    Die Welt - Germany

    Obama urges unity in face of shootings
    Sydney Morning Herald - Australia

    Deputada baleada no Arizona abriu os olhos, diz Obama em homenagem

    (Wounded Representative in Arizona opened her eyes, says Obama in tribute)
    O Globo - Brazil

    Obama pede união em resposta à tragédia no Arizona
    Obama pleads for unity in response to the tragedy in Arizona

    iG Último Segundo - Brazil

    Through prayer and praise, Obama calls for unity, civility
    (excellent article)

    The Globe and Mail, Canada

Good to see our President is appreciated all over the World, even if far too many here still don't realize how great he is when the chips are down.


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