Friday, August 27

I Have A Nightmare...

Fortunately I just woke up, because just a little bit ago I had this horrible nightmare.

I dreamt that for the first time in over 250 years this Country managed to elect it's first African-American President on a wave of positive change, growth, enthusiasm and bright shining hope.

I dreamt that within the first 2 years of his time in office the country would pass it's first comprehensive update to Health Care in nearly 50 years. That the last of combat troops would leave Iraq, with the remaining 50,000 training and support troops scheduled to leave within a year, while the Afghanistan conflict would finally get the attention it long deserves. That he would successfully foil multiple terrorist plots against the nation, save our economy from near total collapse, we would tackle and cap the worst environmental oil disaster in American history faster than any oil spill had ever been stopped, he'd begin the largest investment in Green Technology ever and save the U.S. Auto Industry, that he would negotiate an almost unprecedented Nuclear disarmament treaty with Russia, restart the first serious peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine in over a decade...and Win the Nobel Peace Prize!

And then everyone seemed to magically forget.

That's when it all started to go wrong as while all this happened his approval ratings would dive bomb and his parties control of Congress would almost certain be lost at the midterm elections...

We'd forgotten how he spoke to us, and how he raised us up - impressing not just America, but many in the world and across the globe.

Obama in Berlin:

We'd forgotten how it felt on Election Night. how we cheered, how we cried... how the hope filled us up like a balloon ready to burst.

We'd forgot the intensity and growing desperation of the individual and collective forces aligned against a President of this type - against a Changed America - where it's promises are more than just dreams, but an increasing actually and reality for more and more of our citizens.

We'd forgotten how the previous Administration had completely tanked the economy, and nearly sent us into a new Great Depression - but we recovered.

We forgot those who always hated him, and would always hate him no matter how he might have succeeding in improving even their lives.

Right America, Feeling Wronged... Part 1

Even though he had lowered taxes on 95% of Americans and on small business - still they would cry and scream over the issue.

How they could invent their own victimhood...

We'd forgotten how openly bigoted and vicious they could be...

How they really DID Cling to their Guns, a twisted version of Christianity - and their Nazi Memorabilia.

How they would scream, and rant...

And then came the lies, about his Birth Certificate, Death Panels in the Health Care Bill, his "Secret Muslim Faith", how ACORN stole the Election with the help of intimidation from the New Black Panther Party, how Dr. Skip Gates, the NAACP and former USDA employee Shirley Sherrod are the "Real Racists".

How they would conspire with Seditionists.

Berry, the tea party leader who first solicited support for the militia, has posted rants against President Obama: the "Muslim President" — a "reincarnation of Pol Pot" who is trying to imprison Americans for resisting health reform. One ominous posting from Berry says that his militia should "launch a thousand guerrilla attacks on the plans that these people have to ruin us and our country."

Both Berry and Brogdon lean heavily on far right propaganda and media outlets to fuel their conspiracy theories. Berry frequently cites conservative news outlets like CNS and notes that he draws inspiration from the white supremacist thriller The Turner Diaries. Despite his extremism, Berry has met with Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) and other members of the Oklahoma Republican delegation, and counts them as "rock solid." Brogdon, whose states’ rights resolution was drafted by corporate lobbyists opposed to health reform, has been endorsed by the lobbyist-run Tea Party Express and has appeared on on Fox News, Alex Jones’ radio show, and at a Glenn Beck rally.

How they would resort to vandalism.

They issued Death Threats and Physical Assaults against Obama Campaign workers.

Eventually some would even begin to Kill...

Joe Stack crashed his plane into the IRS Building.

Five shot, and 1 killed in Knoxville Tennesese by James Adkisson


Two Police Officers in Pittsburgh killed by someone afraid Obama would "Take his Guns Away"...

Abortion Doctor George Killer, killed by Scott Rbeoder, the first such violent attack by an extreme right-winger against choice in over a decade.

And Micheal Enright would attack a Muslim Cab driver with a Knife in New York in midst of a contentious debate over whether the First Amendment does or doesn't apply to Muslims, even when it hurts someone elses "feelings" (of bigotry).

And that after all this... on the 47th Anniversary of the seminal speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., which occurred just a few months before I was borne, a virulent demagogue who calls this President "A Racist", and continues to stand by that claim, called him "Un-American" because his name is Barack Hussein Obama Jr., and that he's simply pushing for "Reparations", and was only elected because of his race would hold a Counter Rally on the very same steps as Dr. King in order to dismantle all the progress that had been made so far.

We'd forgotten all that this President, has done - and has yet to do....

But that's where things turned really dark...

The worst part of this nightmare wasn't what the enemies of the President did, it's what his friends didn't do. Rather than rise up and fight fear and hate with hope - they forgot their own power and responsibility - the President's supporters and all those that truly believe in all the things he talked about so long ago in Germany, in Seattle, and on the steps of the Capital his historic Inauguration would grow silent. That they would grow angry over this missed policy objective, slow response in reversing the previous Administration or an unkind frustrated comment by the Press Secretary or the Chief of Staff and begin to miss the big picture...

The true horror of this nightmare is when the deluded, the haters, the screamers, the bigots and the opportunists started To Win and systematically undo everything the President was trying to do, defunding his initiatives, drowning him trivial trumped-up investigations while they pushed forward their agenda of Reverse Robin Hood, turning Medicare into a "Health Stamps" program while raising it's eligibility age to 69, gifting Wall Streets with a brand new Bail-out of Social Security Funds, continuing to destroy Civil Rights enforcement while proclaiming that the only real victims of bigotry in this country - are White, Male and/or Christian despite all rational evidence to the contrary.

Back to where we started, and even worse.

And then I woke up, I think...


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