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Breitbart: I believe Obama is a Marxist

Andrew Breitbart being interviewed by New Left Media:

NLM: That's a big statement to make that the American voting public...(didn't know what they were doing in the Election).

Breitbart: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN & MSNBC, all of Hollywood acted as a protector of (Barack Obama). They coveted him, they treated him with kid gloves - to say the least. The job of the press is to be skeptical, to ask the hard questions. The second Sarah Palin announced her candidacy, that day, they didn't give her a honeymoon - they went after her that day. The exact moment they were grilling her, they sat down with him and ask him "What's it like to be part of this Historic Candidacy"... they fit the narrative to Camelot.

NLM: He still had been involved in long arduous speeches involving complex issues of foreign policy and race relations...

Breitbart: Speeches are speeches. Hollywood can concoct a person who can do speeches. The media had an obligation to grill a guy we knew almost nothing about and spent his formative years in Hyde Park in Chicago, in Columbia University, where we know nothing about him [ed: Except for the two Best Selling Books he wrote about himself which cover those periods]

NLM: He was regularly on Fox News, did Fox News fail to do their job?

Breitbart: That's just one channel. The rest of the media is apoplectic that they even exist. To say that the standard that was applied to Barack Obama, was the same as what was applied to McCain and Palin doesn't pass the smell test.

NLM: These are big claims, and their dubious. Since he did receive a majority of the electorates vote - What does that say about the public?

Breitbart: I think they were not given enough information. They weren't given the whole story. (The media) wanted to be part of history and cross their fingers that he would be a uniter and not a divider.

NLM: What specifically weren't they told?

Breitbart: They should have looked more into his past. This is a media savvy guy whose ability to speak to the public is part of his ascendancy. He's only in his late 40's, so in his 20's and his 30's this is an area where a lot of his history is conspicuously scrubbed of these speeches. We don't have any information from the 1990's and early 2000's of those speeches.

NLM: You can't offer anything specific?

Breitbart: Yes, I can. is an amazing collection... who finds the audio and the video. They say that we need to have radical redistribution, redistributive justice all these code-words in academia where you're being completely overwhelmed. You're being indoctrinated in theory.

NLM: You're not offering anything. What information did the public not have that would have made them (not) elect Barack Obama?

Breitbart: I think if they understood the nature of Black Liberation Theology, and it's Marxist origins. That he spent 20 years, working with that guy and his theology, and Father Phleger's theology.

NLM: Reverend Wright showed up, that came out in the press. Black Liberation came out in the press, he had to give a speech on that.

Breitbart: Stop putting words in my mouth. Father Phleger and Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers, and that entire Hyde Park crowd, and the lack of evidence of the professors he hung out with.. we don't know what classes he took at Columbia. My suspicion would be - and I'd bet you a lot of money - that if you look at his associations and his past you would find out, not that it wouldn't be anything spooky, other than he's a Marxist. He's completely soaked in the post-modern, post-structural academy that beat the crap out of my head, and I'm still trying to what it out of my hair.

NLM: A lot of that came out...

Breitbart: ON FOX NEWS!! The American Public is now seeing that he's surrounding himself with radicals. ACORN and SEIU were out there community organizing and acting like thugs against those who would disagree with him, and that's not acceptable in America.

NLM: And you think that's how he won the majority of American voters?

Breitbart: That's not what I said.

NLM: I'm asking.

Breitbart: I believe that he deceived the American people, and I believe that the American media aided and abetted in that deception.

Like a lot of hardcore Righties and Neo-Cons, Breitbart is clearly an Ex-Leftie on a Vengence Binge. Hence his obsession with Rev. Jeremiah Wright who factually Wasn't Wrong, even if he did turn out to be self-aggrandizing wack-a-doo.

Yet Andrew thinks only Fox News covered Reverend Wright, and Father Phleger and Bill Ayers? The initial videos of Reverend Wright were edited a published by ABC News, not Fox. There was a long period where all ANYONE would talk about were Wright and Ayers.

This was how Obama, reluctantly, responded at the time.

The issues raised by Reverend Wright were discussed at length, everywhere. - it's patently ridiculous to suggest otherwise.

Sarah Palin spent months attacking Obama for "Palling Around with Domestic Terrorists" even though Bill Ayers was never tried and never convicted of anything. By the 1990's he was simply a local professor in Chicago who tried to help with local housing and social issues, not some hippie radical from the 60's still railing about the Vietnam War. That war was long over and the two of them hardly knew each other.

Frankly the media was more obsessed with what Sarah Palin read than some of the real issues in her past such as her endorsement of Alaska Secessionists, her two-face approach to earmarks, her ethics problems, bullying and intimidation tactics with subordinates.

And it was Hillary Clinton herself who brought up Obama's association with "Slumlord Tony Rezco" during the middle of a Democratic Debate - not Fox News.

Using nothing more than Guilt By Association tactics he wants to accuse Obama of being a Marxist and Communist - yet when those same types of associations are directed against Breitbart and his buddies who stood by as racial and bigoted signs, racial and bigoted epithets and racial violence have been hurled at Blacks, Gays and Muslims by his Tea Party Pals he doesn't think they should take any responsibility for it what so ever? He claims is was "only a few signs" - yeah, but they were still there weren't they?

Why is it the only Racist he could find in America, Shirley Sherrod, clearly wasn't a racist at all? He can't find a single Tea Partier with a "Barack the Marxist Witchdoctor" Sign, but he could try to embarrass the NAACP with Shirley Sherrod only to have it backfire right in his face?

It's because this man puts his theory and paranoid fantasies far ahead of the reality. Are there videos of Barack Obama in 1995 saying he supports Marxism? Hell NO. He did once say he supported single payer health care (as posted and grossly distorted by Breitbart's pals at NewEmperorNews), an idea that every other major industrialized nation has adopted including those "evil Marxists" in Japan, and England, and France and Germany and Canada (but not the original Marxists in Russia). All of whom have better health care than America at nearly half the costs.

Obama didn't even seriously fight for the public option, let alone single payer. All of his health care reform proposals involve the private market, so if he's a anti-private market Marxist - he's not a very good one.

Barack Obama has simply tried to make America better than it has been, to be as good, fair and strong as it could be and should be - while people like Breitbart demonize and scapegoat anyone they disagree with while trying to make themselves the "victims", doing everything they can to make sure that noone can unite us all, because their too busy dividing us with lies and bullshit.

If I had the money I absolutely take his bet and challenge him or anyone else to come up with data or video that shows that in his past "Obama was a Marxist"... the problem is there'd have to be a deadline, since I think their asses should have to pay when they lose.


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