Tuesday, June 8

Mark Williams displays true Bigotry of Tea Party

Thom Hartman vs Mark William's head of the Tea Party Express -- I understand and concur that people sometimes throw out the "Racist" accusation too quickly and too blithely - but in this case, It Fits.

Thom does a great job in the segment, and I listen to him frequently so this is pretty much par on course, but this guy Mark Williams actually says that Muslim's are "Animals" in order to justify his bigotry against almost 1 Billion - that's Billion with a "B" - 1 Billion Muslims around the world.

Williams: We Are at war with Islam!

Thom: Mark That is obscene

Yeah, it's clear that this Wiliam's guy is a charmer - here's some more background on this guy.

Days after writing that Muslims worship "the terrorists' monkey god," embattled Tea Party leader Mark Williams apologized for his insensitivity - to Hindus.

"In the course of the article I described the 'god' worshiped by terrorists as 'a monkey god.' I was wrong and that was offensive. I owe an apology to millions of Hindus who worship Lord Hanuman, an actual Monkey God," Williams wrote Wednesday night.

The original blog post equated the proposed Mosque adjacent to Ground Zero to a monument to the 9/11 terrorists.

Williams, chairman of the Tea Party Express and frequent CNN contributor, was denounced by Muslim leaders and politicians like Mayor Bloomberg for the "appalling" comment.

Williams did not apologize to Muslims in the new blog post. Instead, he used the apology to Hundus as another way to attack Muslims.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2010/05/20/2010-05-20_tea_party_leader_mark_williams_says_sorry_for_monkey_god_remark__to_hindus.html#ixzz0qFkzgDTW

Catch the little slight of hand there? He calls Muslims "Worshippers of a Monkey God", then when caught turns around an apologies to the Monkey God for being falsely associated with those Muslim Animals.

This man is a disgrace, and he RUNS THE TEA PARTY EXPRESS!

He's not some Left-wing Plant that just showed up with a Nazi-Flag on your shirt -- Nope, not even close - he Runs the Show.

Here's William's on the Dylan Ratigan Show.

Mark, how do you draw the bright line between the very admirable and understandable principles that are advocated by so many....and the more radical views and hide if you will inside the tea party umbrella?

Williams: That’s real simple. There’s wingnuts and there’s normal people...

Ratigan: It’s not that simple...


What confuses me about the tea party, is the tea parties willingness to accept the wingnuts as you put it

Williams: So it’s our fault that they are nuts?

Ratigan: You have not shamed them Mark....Do you accept racists and Nazis in the tea parties?

Williams: Here at Sacramento...

Ratigan: I’m asking you a question my man, do you want to have a conversation or do you want to come on my TV show and do a commercial for yourself?

Ratigan walks off camera.

Williams: I’m answering the question. We have a women here from a local NBC affiliate who after an anti-Semitic rant at Sac State was promoted from reporter to anchor does that make NBC, does that make you an anti-Semitic?

Ratigan: Mark, do I run NBC? Are you a guest on my show? Do you have any intention of answering any of my questions because I don’t want to continue to fool with this. You’re wasting valuable oxygen. Can we please cut off this man’s microphone, He has no interest in answering my questions, Mark a pleasure. Actually not really a pleasure. It was offensive, you’re offensive. Your treatment of my show as a vehicle to spread your propaganda, ignore my questions, offensive and an indication of what is wrong with the dialogue in this country. Period. Not to mention that a group that would accept Nazis and racists.

I take no pleasure in this, in propagating the ravings of this nutball - but people need to be aware, including legitimate Tea Party People who would like to keep government from becoming overbearing, I don't want to an over intrusive government either - NOBODY DOES - the real question though is how much of this anti-government anger is really driven by people who think they have a "God Given Right to their Bigotry" - like say, Rand Paul? How many people want a Government so small, it can be Drowned in the Gulf!, and ultimately take much of the rest of America with it?

We should all want better government, fair government and just government - not simply weak, ineffective that can't protect of from predatory individuals or predatory greedy corporations.

People going to the ballot box today, need to be aware of who and what they're truly voting for when they support the so-called "Tea Party".


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