Friday, April 16

Jon Stewart fo Fox News: Go F*ck Yourselves!

In recent months Fox News has become the champion of the poor set-upon Average American Tea Bagger. They railed against the unfairness of "painting a broad brush", or "stereotyping" them as bigoted, angry, violent and racist. They defending them against the dread of "profiling"

But when it comes to stereotyping and profiling Liberals - not so much.

As documented by Rawstory:

A recent CBS/New York Times poll found that Tea Party members are better educated and more wealthy than the average American -- facts that Fox News was happy to report.

But Fox decided not report less attractive aspects of the same poll: 52 percent believed that too much has been made of the problems facing African-Americans and thirty percent think President Barack Obama was born in another country.

When it come to characterizing the entire Tea Party, Jon Stewart found himself in the odd position Thursday of agreeing with Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Bernie Goldberg.

Fox on the Tea Partiers...

"You cannot demonize any organization by the actions of a few in a demonstration," O'Reilly said on March 29.

"They are trying to marginalize them and smear a movement of great Americans that are expressing their views," Hannity said the same day.

"They're tarring the entire Tea Party movement and the Republican Party," Goldberg complained.

"Bernie Goldberg is right!" Stewart exclaimed. When it comes to generalizing, just "don't do it."

Fox on Liberals...

"The left in this country is invested in defeat in Iraq," said Cal Thomas.

"Liberals see just about everything through the prism of race," according to Goldberg.

"The left always paint Christians as hate mongers," Glenn Beck told O'Reilly.

To all this Stewart responded with "Go Fuck Yourselves!".

That CBS Poll also described Tea Partiers as....

More than half (54 percent) identify as Republicans, and another 41 percent say they are independents. Just five percent call themselves Democrats, compared to 31 percent of adults nationwide.

Nearly three in four describe themselves as conservative, and 39 percent call themselves very conservative. Sixty percent say they always or usually vote Republican. Forty percent say the United States needs a third party, while 52 percent say it does not.

Eighty-eight percent disapprove of President Obama's performance on the job, compared to 40 percent of Americans overall. While half of Americans approve of Mr. Obama's job performance, just seven percent of Tea Party supporters say he is doing a good job.

Asked to volunteer what they don't like about Mr. Obama, the top answer, offered by 19 percent of Tea Party supporters, was that they just don't like him. Eleven percent said he is turning the country more toward socialism, ten percent cited his health care reform efforts, and nine percent said he is dishonest.

Twenty-four percent of Tea Party supporters say it is sometimes justified to take violent action against the government. That compares to 16 percent of Americans overall who say violence against the government is sometimes justified.

But y'know these guy aren't potentially violent, y'know - only about twice as much as the general public is...

Here's another hypocrisy example feature Fox News Contributor Ann Coulter debating Aisha Tyler on CNN:

To Coulter the recent uptick in Political Violence is All Coming from the Left in support of this she has one example - the fight that occurred between members of SEIU and Tea Partier Kenneth Gadney during a ST. Louis Town Hall. I've seen the video of this and it's unclear exactly who attacked who and how this confrontation went down... but that not all that much when you contrast it to...

James Adkisson who shot and killed two people and wounder five others for the heinous crime of being Liberals.

The arrest of one man for Death Threats against Nancy Pelosi, and another for Death threats against Sen Patty Murray.

The Maine Right-Winger who planned to build a radiological dirty bomb.

James Von Brunn who shot and killed a guard at the Holocaust Museum.

Joe Stack who flew his plane into the Austin IRS Building.

The Hutaree Militia who had planned to kill police offices and judges.

Sometimes when something walks like a violent anti-American movement, and quacks like a violent anti-American movement, and TALKS like a violent anti-American movement... that's exactly what it is.


Join the Democratic Non-Violence Project - where starting on Waco/Oklahoma City Day (April 19th) we put the question to members of Congress, do you unequivocally oppose All Forms of Domestic Political Violence.

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