Saturday, February 20

Maher: The Tea Baggers are a CULT, not a "Movement"

He're something that crystallizes a thought I've been struggling with for a couple years now. Which is "What the FRACK is Wrong with these Neo-Con, Birther, Deather, Tenther, Seconder, Torture-Monger, Corporate Shill Nut Balls on the Right Wing of this Country?"

Maher: Their A CULT!

Well, gee that pretty much explains everything.

You can't argue with people in a Cult, because the First Rule of Cult Club is you don't trust or listen to anyone who not in Cult Club.

This is why you have them constantly talk about the "Left Wing Media" - it's not their media - so it's not to be trusted, even when the get things 100% correct.

It's not about FACT. It's not about Reality.

The World is only 4,000 Years Old. Jesus Rode a Dinosaur. Climate Change isn't true because of the Snowpocolipse in Washington, even though they have to bring in Snow by the Truck Load in Vancouver for the Winter Olympics.

Sgt Hasan is a Terrorist because his name is Hasan.

Joe Stack isn't a Terrorist because his name is Stack.

Barack Obama isn't keeping our Country safe even though he's killed or captured more terrorist in Afghanistan and Pakistan than George Bush ever dreamed of - and he's an appeaser because he won't go all Jack Bauer on the Ass-Bomber, even though we're getting plenty of actionable (and Legally useful) information from him simply by being Smarter than he is, not more Assholish!

In every way, and in every sense these guys believe a pile of shit that is completely ridiculous. It's not a difference of opinion - it's a difference of REALITY.

And it's not just the Tea Baggers, it's increasingly become more and more of the BASE of the Republican Party. That's why we can't get Health Care. That's why we can't get Financial Regulatory Reform. That's why we can't get a Job's Bill.

This is not a matter of a honest ideological differences - this is total fucking Wackjob Lunacy.

It's time we just came to recognize this for what it is and deal with it accordingly. And that is to handle it the same way that they do on Bully Beatdown.

These people aren't going to recognize reality - Until Reality (Figuratively) Hits them In the FACE!. Their Alpha Male Pit Bulls - (like Mittance Romney), Bill "Fuck it, We'll Do it Live!" O'Reilly or Glenn "Barkin Mad" Beck - don't understand anything other than POWER!

If we need to pop a cap in the Filibuster, then let's do it. If we need to use Reconciliation to pass any meaningful bills - then Let's Do it.

It's time to stop trying to be reasonable with the Unreasoned.

STOMP 'Em, Right into the Ground.


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