Tuesday, June 23

Missouri State Rep thinks Kids just need some Motivation - Like More Hunger

Missouri State Representative Cynthia Davis think the kids in her state are just lazy, they need some motiviation - they need MORE HUNGER. Since the state is currently paying for free lunches, Davis thinks they should stop and that would make the little tykes go out and GET A JOB. Yeah, like at McDonald's where they can get some free (crappy, unhealthy) food on thier break.

The only problem is - who says McDonald's is Hiring! It's just that Missouri's current unemployment rate in Missouri is 9.0% compared to an All-Time Historical HIgh of 10.5% in April of 1983. Chances are they're going to be competing with their Parents for that McD's job.

Keith (Quoting Dickens): Have they no Workhouses? Have they no Prisons?



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