Tuesday, June 23

Dean says Demorats need a Spine Implant on Health Care

Even with over 70% of the people behind a Public Option (which would increase competition and lower costs), including more than 50% of Republicans, Democrats like Diane Finestein and Tom Daschle are saying "It can't be done".

That's a load of Bullcrap.

IT.CAN.BE.DONE. if we insist that is *IS* Done.

That's what we voted for, that's what we expect. Get 'Er DONE!



Carolina Nickel said...

I can see where Media Care can be an option. It should be an option. But I even like talk about Coops on Local levels.-just don't tax the smokers to pay for it.-tax the TV and Big Oil to set up local Coops.

Vyan said...

From what the President said today at his press conference, it's more likely that we're talking about allowing people to buy Medicare *instead* of Blue Cross or Cygna if they want, rather than have to wait until they're 65.