Tuesday, November 10

Leiberman = Anusface: Ft Hood Worst Terrorist Attack since 9-11?

In this clip from Fox News Sunday, Joe Lieberman (I-Liebermanville) proves yet again that he's a complete and total ANUSFACE as he starts off discussing the Ft Hood Shooting by saying "It's too soon to draw conclusions..." and then proceeds to draw the conclusion that this was the Worst Terrorist Attack Since 9-11! Self-ingratiating Prick Says Wha?

Leiberhole said:

"If the reports that we're receiving of various statements he made, acts he took, are valid, he had turned to Islamist extremism, and, therefore, if that is true, the murder of these 13 people was a terrorist act and, in fact,it was the most destructive terrorist act to be committed on american soil since 9/11,"

Look, Ft Hood was a tragedy - but it was not "Terrorism" simply because the shooter was Muslim, that's the most rank and despicable from of bigotry and profiling I've seen from a sitting U.S. Senator since - well - Ever!

Reports are that Major Hasan supposed shouted "Allahu Akbar" during the shooting - ok, well that's about is odd as a Christian saying "Praise Jesus" as he runs into a firefight. It's said that he wrote an internet post (although it hasn't been confirmed that it was the same Nidal Hasan) that compared suicide bombers to solders who throw themselves on a grenade to protect others - which frankly, isn't that big a stretch to me IMO both are partaking in a willful act of self-sacrifice to accomplish a larger goal. We may disagree with one goal and agree with the other, but the acts themselves are similar.

What also has been reported is that while stationed at Ft Hood Maj Hasan's car which display a bumper sticker which said "Allah is Love" was vandalized, the sticker removed and his paint job keyed.

An apartment complex manager says the man accused of opening fire at Fort Hood, Texas recently had a religious bumper sticker torn off his car.

The manager, John Thompson, says a fellow soldier allegedly keyed Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan's car and ripped up the bumper sticker. Thompson says the soldier had been to Iraq and was upset to learn Hasan was Muslim.

Thompson, who manages the Killeen, Texas complex where Hasan lives, says the bumper sticker read: "Allah is Love." In Arabic, Allah means God.

A report filed on Aug. 16 with Killeen police says Hasan's car had been scratched causing $1,000 worth of damage. The report says an Army employee had been arrested. It didn't provide more details about what happened

This shows that Hasan was the victim of a Hate Crime, but that doesn't mean that it was the catalyst for his actions this weekend. We know that he wanted out of the Army, that he was deathly afraid of being deployed and that he had received a deployment date.

His worst fear had been realized.

It doesn't have to be more complicated than his simply (forgive the phrase) Going POSTAL - with his greatest personal terror staring him in the face.

But no, according Joe LieberAss, although he was born in Virginia he was a "terrorist". Tell me, Joe - which terrorist group was he acting in support and concert with, Al Qaeda? Hamas? Hezbollah? The Sunni Insurgency? The Pashtun Tribes of Afghanistan? The Taliban? THE ASIAN DAWN!??

Terrorism is an act of violence in order to make a political point. What was his political agenda? What was he trying to say? If we don't know - then as a Terrorist all we have is Fail Sauce. It's not "terrorism" simply because the man was a devout muslim or had an arabic last name anymore than someone should assume this was "gang violence" influenced if the shooter had been black or "mafia related" if he'd been Italian. That's BIGOTRY!!

It's pathetically ignorant and naked racism.

I posted my initial comments to this on Twitter/Facebook and one response came back...

Well obviously it was terrorism. The shooter was a muslim. Anyone of the nation of Islam that commits a crime is directly linked to al queda.

The Nation of Islam? Really? That's Louis Farrakhan's African-American organization and they've never - REPEAT NEVER - been linked to any terrorist act or Al Qeada. The stupid is so think sometimes you can walk on it.

Also, not to trivialize the death of 13 people and injuries to 30+ more, but if this mass gun shooting was the "Worst Terrorist Attack" since 9-11 -- what the FRACK does that make the mass gun shooting at Virginia Tech in 2007 where 32 People were killed! - a picnic?

The first portion of Leiberman's statement is correct, it *is* premature to try any draw conclusions on the nature of this tragedy - and certainly it should be fully and thoroughly investigated, in the end he just might have terrorist ties (although I doubt it) that go far beyond shooting "Allahu Akbar" and giving copies of the Koran to his landlord- but it's not too premature to point out that Joe Lieberman is a shallow bigoted grandstanding Ass Clown.


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