Tuesday, November 10

Karl Rove is Completely Irony Proof

Believe it or not the other day Karl Rove tweeted this:

@KarlRove NBC finally gives some fair and balanced election night coverage. http://bit.ly/3bpKKr #TCOT #SGP

Being curious just what fresh pile of horse feces this could be - I clicked the link and found - TA DA - This!

This clip was briefly shown on Olbermann last night, but just how the audience immediately picks up on the ridiculousness of Fox News as Saturday NIght Live pretty much plays it straight - is very telling.

The one single solitary Democrat on the panel gets cut off even before he can say "Hello".

The smarmy smile on the "News" guys face as he states how this is clearly the Demise of Hope.

But regard the Rove Tweet: Let me get this straight, Karl Rove doesn't know when Karl Rove is being Punked?

I mean he either trying to do a double-ironic leap, or he doesn't quite get that this wasn't really NBC News.

I mean, is that like an amazing Hot Bowl of Fail Sauce or what?

With the New Tea Party-Party in Florida it seems as thoough Republicans are literally coming apart at the seems, and they choose to help promote their own public humiliation - not realizing that they're being ridiculed in the process?

If this keeps up there may be real HOPE for this nation yet.


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