Wednesday, April 22

Torture Torrent: The Levin Report Impact

Carl Levin with Andrea Mitchell explaining what so many of us have long suspected, that Abu Ghraib was not the act of a bunch of rogue bad apples - it was a direct result of Bush Detainee Policies, which had been imported by GITMO (the Testing Ground) and then transported on to Bagram AFB in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

NBC on Levin Senate Armed Services Report.

Olbermann: Bush/Cheney used torture to try and Justify attacking Iraq over 9/11.

The irony here, as I've written many times is that several of items ultimately used by Colin Powell before the UN in order to justify the Iraq was came from questionable sources such as Ibn Sheik Al-Libi and Curveball - both of whom were coerced to point the WMD/Al-Qaeda finger at Saddam Hussein.

Just like Communist China who pioneered these techniques to elicit false confessions, the only information Bush managed to get were also *FALSE* links between Al Qaeda and Iraq in order to justify a war the Bush had been itching to begin since before he became President.

Jack Rice on Countdown: The Political Argument is that your either *FOR* Torture or you're not?

And what about those soldiers from Abu Ghraib who are now serving Prison time, for doing what Bush Authorized? In a heart wrenching plea former Abu Ghraib commanding Officr Brig. Gen Janice Karpinski makes the case that the wrong people are in prison.

Rachel: Connecting the Dots.

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