Wednesday, April 22

Shep Smith- This is America - We Don't Torture!

"They better not do it," he said. "If we are going to be Ronald Reagan's Shining City on the Hill, we don't get to torture. We don't do it."

Shep, the International Red Cross has already determined that it *was* as has Gitmo Judge Susan Crawford, so did Prosecutor Lt. Col Darrel Vandeveld.

Smith has more than once shown surprising integrity for Fox News, it's still disappointing that he continues to play the "If" is was torture game. The truth is that it was once than just a few rare instances or occasions that torture occurred, this was a complete breakdown of our armed forces and inteligence policies detention policy. It's also interesting to see Judith Miller standing up so much against this since so much of the leaks that the Veep's office used her to spread also came from torture (of Ibn Sheik al-Libbi and "Curveball") - which is why so much of it was DEAD WRONG.


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