Monday, March 9

The Truth about Neo-Fascist Conservatism

Appearing on DL Hughley, former Right-Wing Evangelist and Huffington Post contributor Frank Schaeffer comes out swinging and leaves few bodies standing in the G.O.P.

Schaeffer: The Republican Party has become a hard-edged neo-fascist thing that has given us 8 years of a bad Presidency, a collapsed economy and two wars one of which we shouldn't have been in...

I'm sorry to say my father had a lot to do with it, along with (Falwell, Robertson and Dobsen) we put all this crap in place. If you approach God in a certain way - it will drive you crazy.

Schaeffer: We've moved from a period where Republicanism represented something you could either agree or disagree with (Goldwater) to period where you are either a fundamentalist Christian on one side, or a view of the world you are someone who sees anyone who is different, be that black, white, Arab, muslim, gay or foreign as the enemy. And there's nothing in between. When you look at a guy like Rush Limbaugh - it's like taking the lid off - the is the Raw, Naked Face of where Republicanism is (today).

That of course goes a long way toward explaining Michele The Demi Glas of Wingnuttia Bachman. Schaeffer doesn't pretend to know how much of The Crazy most Republican leaders are fully swallowing, but he does admit that they now have little choice in openly pandering to their wing-nut base. That's pretty much all they have left.

It's little surprise then when Limbaugh says something as completely off-the-rails as Every Republican is hoping the President's Policies Fail when were in the midst of a global economic crisis, most Republican leaders (particularly those who aren't holding office and can speak freely) essentially agree with him.

Including Jonah Goldberg. - Mike Pence - David Vitter - Rick Santorum - Tom Delay - and naturally Michelle Malkin.

Oh, sure there are some nay-sayers such as Newt Gingrich who tries to split the baby by claiming "No one rational wants the President to fail - we just want him to learn new policies."

Well, then Newty I guess your hoping to once again lead the party of the irrational. But then again after months of "Socialist", "Communist", "Terrorist" and "Baby-Killer" accusations isn't a little late for anyone to expect the hardcore Repubs to pull the head from their ANUS now?

We have to realize it's become perma-bonded in place.

When you lead you life based on blind-belief in either the unfallable "Free Markets" or the impending "Rapture" - you don't have much interest in facts, science or the resulting real-time suffering of your Americans, and fellow Humans, as the super-structure of their lives collapses around their feet.

Poe sang this years ago "You can't talk to a Psycho, like a Normal Human Being."

Schaeffer sums this up at the end of the interview beautifully.

Schaeffer: They Do Hate Him (Obama). Rush Limbaugh is telling the truth when he says he wants the President to Fail. These people are ideological enough that they rather see the whole country go down *the tubes), and be proved "Right" - rather than do the patriotic thing and support the President.

Hughley: Why are Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh so tremendously popular? It makes me feel as an American like this is how a large portion of the country feels.

Schaeffer: No, I don't think so. The Religous Right started with good intentions, and then was manipulated by very crass people for personal gain. Today you have about 20 Million people who buy all of Ann Coulter's books, watch Rush Limbaugh, send in the money to the Televangelists - it's all the same people. The fact of the matter is there's 300 Million of us - there's not 20 Million of us.

It's not a big percentage, it's just a LOUD percentage. This is the drunk on the end of the subway making all the trouble for the people on the car minding their own business - there's a hundred decent citizens and one ASS at the head of the train molesting women - That's the Republican Party Now!.



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