Tuesday, February 17

Lansing Mayor Takes Faux News to School!

Why is it the working people, the people who actually make things, always have to take it in the shorts - what about Wall Street? Why isn't there some Reciprocity?

In response to The Faux Reporter tries to argue that UAW autoworkers earn almost 2.5 times what other worker make, but that is a frankly, a load of Crap - it's not a $70/hr to $27/hr ratio - it's more like $30 to $27 (Between Chrysler and Toyota workers). The New York Post (which is owned by Rupert Murdoch likeh Fox News)gets the $70 is by including all of the Health Care Costs for the Retirees, not the currently active workforce. If you want to take away the Healthcare for all the guys who worked their entire LIFE to earn it - you'd finally reach the "Enough" point for these vultures.

Also, If we had Universal Healthcare, that burden on top of the Big 3 would be GONE!!


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