Monday, February 16

House GOP Dances and Fiddles while the Economy Burns

This just from Eric Cantor Useless Tool House Republican Whip.

Yes, they're serious.

Seriously deluded.

The House Bill was not "written in Secret" it went through the Rule Committe as detailed recently by Rep. Louise Slaughter.

The bill, as it came to the Rules Committee, the last stop before the floor vote, already incorporated 12 Republican amendments. The Rules Committee then added the 11 amendments: 6 Democratic and 5 Republican, in addition to a complete Republican substitute, and a motion to recommit. They were unable to muster the votes necessary and lost on bipartisan votes. House Republicans may have come together to vote against the final bill, but they split on their own amendments with 40 to 60 Republicans voting with Democrats. Some Republicans even voted against their party’s alternative bill, and it failed on the floor.

The Republican alternative didn’t have a final price tag, consisted entirely of tax cuts, and would actually raise taxes for 26 million American families. In two years, the Democratic bill would create 3.6 million jobs. The Republican substitute: 1.2 million – a third as many as the Democratic bill that passed the House.

There is no money for ACORN.

MSNBC's Shuster to GOP strategist: "There was no money for ACORN [in the stimulus bill], Doug. You guys know better than that."

The money to replenish the Federal Auto Fleet is to replace them with Fuel Efficient Cars, which will help with reducing our dependance on foreign oil, while creating an immediate demand and market for these cars with auto manufacturers - which in turn will help bring the price of these cars down for consumers. It's a three-way WIN!

Repubs claim the bill is "Pork Barrel", and say it should have more "Shovel-ready" projects - but then when you ask for specifics they actually support those projects because they involve building infrastructure. Someone should tell them - The Reason their weren't as many Infrastructure Projects - is BECAUSE THEY INCLUDED SO MANY TAX CUTS - which the Republicans claim to like also. It's fracking nuts!

I have a better Aerosmith Song for Cantor and all the corporate and Oil Lobbyists who are holding his leash.

EAT THE RICH - cuz they plump when you cook 'em.


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