Thursday, October 30

A Vote For McCain

is vote in support and solidarity with THESE PEOPLE!

Now, everyone has a right to make their own choices, but since McCain and Co have made such a huge issue of who you are "associated with", it's only fair to ask - who is the real John McCain if these are the people he inspires.

"Bomb Obama"

"I don't wanna sound racist here, but I don't want a Black man running our counrty"

"He wasn't born in America"


"No Way, HUSSEIN!!"

"Child Killer!"

"If you associate with terrorists - You're a Terrorist!"


People may have legitimate reasons to prefer McCain, he was incredibly valiant to refuse early release from a vietnamese prison unless all his fellow Americans were going to be released also - HE WAS A HERO - but if McCain he won't reject and repudiate these vicious lies, distortions, horrific and potentially violent hate speech against a fellow American - then he deserves to be tarred with the obvious implication.

Just remember, the future of our nation is at stake, can we really afford to validate what these people are spewing?


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