Monday, October 20

Muslims for McCain!!!?

Yes, it's true - and frankly about time that someone stood up against the hate, lies and smears. In this case a set of McCain supporters who happen to be Muslim's all stood against an anti-Obama Hate Monger.

This video stands in contrast to this one which claims that Obama isn't even an American Citizen, and that he's a fraud who has hidden his birth certificate.

Obama is a fraud

Problem is that Obama's Birth Certificate his RIGHT HERE.

It takes two seconds to find it.

He was born in Hawaii, which is part of the United States. The seal is perfectly visible. His mother was a U.S. Citizen, just like John McCain's parents were. John is also a citizen even though he was born in PANAMA. Barack never renounced his citizenship, regardless of where he lived when he was a child.

If you want to vote for McCain - do it, enjoy it. But do it based on the facts not made up bullshit!!

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