Wednesday, October 22

Al-Qaeda's Preferred Candidate - John Sydney McCain

(Note this has been diaried, but deserves repeating)

Al-Qeada has Endorsed John McCain for President of the United States

"Al-Qaeda will have to support McCain in the coming election," said a commentary posted Monday on the extremist Web site al-Hesbah, which is closely linked to the terrorist group. It said the Arizona Republican would continue the "failing march of his predecessor," President Bush.


"It will push the Americans deliberately to vote for McCain so that he takes revenge for them against al-Qaeda," said the posting, attributed to Muhammad Haafid, a longtime contributor to the password-protected site. "Al-Qaeda then will succeed in exhausting America."

That's right while the McCain campaign and RNC are sending out mailers accusing Barack Obama of supporting "Terrorists of who bombed the Capital, Pentagon and killed Americans" - the actual terrorists apparently (heart) John McCain, because he's committed to continuing to weaken America by spilling our blood and treasure on the sands of Iraq - a country that was no threat to us - rather than fight and catch, well, Real Terrorists.

McCain and Co have been having a completely nutty over ex-terrorist Williams Ayers. 40 Years ago he was a member of a group who used bombs to protest the Vietnam War. In 2001 - just a few weeks before 9/11 - he stated that he wished they'd bombed done more to stop the war.

But... let us point out that Ayers was never prosecuted or convicted of anything. His former group, the Weathermen did not "attack Americans", the bombs did not target people but things and the only American actually killed by them was one of their own members in an accident.

The 60's and early 70's were a very different time, there weren't just bombings, there were police riots at the Democratic Convention - there was the tragic shooting of students at Kent State by National Guard troops. The FBI and CIA conducted illegal surveillence and infiltration operations which resulted in the wrongful imprisoning of dozens of individuals including Geronimo Pratt and Leonard Peltier, not to mention others who were essentially executed in the streets by police.

But we aren't in the 60's anymore.

We aren't arguing over the Vietnam war. We haven't had riots in the streets, even though we have had the same type of illegal surveillance of innocent U.S. citizens. (The NSA passing out the tapes of our troops having phone-sex, as well as spying on journalists and peace workers)

The National Security Agency routinely listened in on the intimate and innocent phone calls of Americans in Iraq, including government personnel, journalists and aid workers, as they called back into the United States, according to two former NSA operators who spoke to ABC News.

The accusations that the NSA routinely listened in on Americans' phone calls contradicts the Administration's repeated claims that its secret spying did not listen to any Americans other than suspected terrorists.

We have had the sanctioning of kidnapping and torture as part of official U.S. policy, simply by making up a new word "enhanced interrogation".

In dozens of top-secret talks and meetings in the White House, the most senior Bush administration officials discussed and approved specific details of how high-value al Qaeda suspects would be interrogated by the Central Intelligence Agency, sources tell ABC News.

Highly placed sources said a handful of top advisers signed off on how the CIA would interrogate top al Qaeda suspects -- whether they would be slapped, pushed, deprived of sleep or subjected to simulated drowning, called waterboarding.

None of this "We didn't know" - "it was just a few random incidents" crap. All of it, abu Ghraib, Water-boarding in Gitmo, Secret Prison were authorized and approved from the very top, despite the fact that it violated both international and U.S. Law!

We've completely destroyed our own moral authority and standing in the world.

We should be ashamed. American should be, and can be better.

Al-Qaeda knows this, and they know that this makes their job far easier. They want John McCain because he will continue on the exact same path of George W. Bush.

"The idea in the jihadist forums is that McCain would be a faithful 'son of Bush' -- someone they see as a jingoist and a war hawk," Raisman said. "They think that, to succeed in a war of attrition, they need a leader in Washington like McCain."

Forget William Ayers. Forget trying to re-fight the Vietnam War. It's time we started to start seriously fighting this war. We need to end the tragic distraction of Iraq and finally start getting the job done. We need recapture our moral authority. We need to retire al-Qaeda to the trash heap of history.

John McCain is not going to do it. Al-Qeada knows it. We know it.

Time to turn the page on all of Bush's failures, including McCain.


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