Monday, November 26

Denzel Torture Speach from The Seige

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This note is intended to be a private note to you, not intended for publication, but you are free to use the information here how you wish. Please do not forward or copy word-for-word the comments provided; but feel free to use the links and information any way you wish. Thank you.

This comment is off topic, but is related to something you appear to be interested in: Accountability. I'm posting it here so you find this comment.

As you read this, don't worry, this burden is not entirely on you. There are other things going on as well. You'll hear about them soon.

Effort To Remove All Roadblocks To Impeachment Investigation

This is about impeachment and opening all the doors. You appear to be someone who might be able to assist with something very important. As you well know, the Kucinich resolution to investigate Cheney has passed; but it appears to be blocked in the Judiciary Committee. It appears Pelosi is still saying, "Impeachment is still off the table."

However, there is a solution: There is an effort underway to remove Pelosi as Speaker, to make way for the impeachment investigation. A Daily Kos diary is discussing the topic.

This effort to remove Pelosi is similar to the state proclamations calling on the House to act. You may probably already know about this. Same kind of thing is going on here, but instead of discussing impeachment proclamations, we're talking about proclamations calling on the House to remove Pelosi. Here are the precedents; and a sample proclamation which is similar to this effort you may have heard about: The 603 Effort.

The goal is to get some visibility within the Kos community to this effort, and generate some discussion and attention to this option. You're being asked to help start a broader discussion on the Kos Diary listed to include the links, approach, and what your views are on this effort. If you have questions, or are not clear about things, please post those questions at the Kos Diary listed. However, if you would like to first discuss this within your own blog before posting at the Kos Diary, that is up to you.

The links you've been provided with provide you with some backup information. Also, if you could ask others you know in the blogosphere to visit/comment at the Kos Diary, please contact them.

Request For Action, Vyan

Vyan, I'm asking you, as a Kos Diary writer and blogger, to visit the Kos Diary listed, and provide your reactions to this effort. It doesn't matter if you agree/disagree/hate the idea, or are annoyed by the request: Any reaction you and others give will be helpful. Anything. If you have questions, think the idea is stupid, that's fine as well. The goal is to get some of these links you've been given included within a Kos Diary, and get a reaction to that link.

By all means, if you want to start your own Kos diary on the topic, feel free; and if you have friends on other sites you are interested in this information, feel free to forward it to them. Please forward "your version" of the information; and do not forward this message.

It's up to you whether you blog about this on your own site, or take your time. Just asking that you review the information and blog about it within the next day or so (soon). Thank you for your support, Vyan. Good luck.