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Fox News on Bloggers: The Pox Americana

This just in from Thinkprogress
Last night on Special Edition, the “Fox News All-Stars,” used this week’s Take Back America conference as an oppurtunity to bash progressive bloggers.

Describing bloggers as “a pox,” Roll Call editor Mort Kondracke compared them to right-wing talk radio, charging that they are preventing “American problems” from being solved:

Well, I tend to agree since I happen to think one of America's biggest problems is the proliferation of Fake Democrats like Kondracke who are supposed to be the "left wing" side of fairly unbalanced shows like this.

And obviously Fux News is still on the air so we haven't solved that problem - yet.

But wait, there weren't nearly done "putting us bloggers in our proper place" - not hardly.

KONDRAKE: They are the leftward pressure on the Democratic Party that the right-wing talk show hosts are on the Republican party. And between the two of them they manage to polarize even further an already polarized politics, making it increasingly difficult to get any American problems solved, like health care, or the war in Iraq, or sensible terrorism policy.

And all the candidates are pandering to them.

Oh, so you admit that the Republican Party are the lapdogs of right-wing radio?

Let's get real here, it was indeed the wingnut radio crowd that torpedoed the immigration bill even though almost 70% of the public supported it, but what bill have liberal bloggers shutdown lately?

(Begin Jeopardy Theme Music)





Still thinking?

So am I.

I would agree that Dailykos helped put Jim Webb on the ballot and that with George Allen's Maccaca Moment on Youtube and Mike Stark at Calling All Wingnuts helped get him elected and gave the Democrats the majority in the Senate. But so far that hasn't really paid off that much, has it?

And then the shows other fake lefty chimed in.

NPR’s Mara Liasson also compared bloggers to the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth because "that was on the internet too."

Excuse me?

The Smearboat Vets got hours and hours of free air time thanks to programs - like yours. They weren't just on the Net.

Even Brit Hume pointed that one out...

the [Swiftboaters] actually purchased ads

Yeah, your damn skippy they did.

That's when their nominal right-winger chimed it with the coup de grace.

Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer added that conservative blogs are "more analytical and restrained" while "the more liberal blogs are a lot more pungent and profane."

What? Who the Fuck are you calling "profane" punkass? Have you ever been to Little Green Footballs or Freeperland?

Blimey Jesus Christmas!

Just like O'Leilly, yet again we have Fux News trying to pretend that they are somehow above the fray, when in fact they are a Network being run by Roger Ailes, a former protege of Karl Rove and ex-producer of Rush Limbaugh.

They take daily marching orders from Ailes deputy John Moody on exactly how to spin the news to the advantage of Republicans, up to and including attempting to find the Happy Insurgents, now that the Democrats have control of Congress. As I said above, Fux is part of the problem they are complaining about here - the increasing polarization of the country.

At least bloggers can admit that they're partisan. Beside that, profane or not, they have a habit of Fact Checking which Fux still seems to a major problem with, but then again that might be because "Reality has a liberal bias".

Kondracke also continued the phony meme that "there are more Conseravatives in the Country" and that the overall swing has been more to the right rather than the left, despite a recent report which I blogged about the other day that clearly shows that the Country is Turning Bluer All the Time.

And by the way - Fux's ratings, while still high, are beginning to circle the edge of the bowl, meanwhile Keith Olbermann is up 67%

Not exactly everything they had to say was negative, as they correctly point out that the blogs "created" the Ned Lamont candidacy - but when exactly did these guys have any credibility on this issue or any issue for that matter?

Bloggers both Liberal and Conservative are simply taking advantage of advancing technology to create the next generation of what Tom Paine used to help spark this country to life so many years ago with his own aptly titled publication - one which highlights an element that is in extreme short supply on Fux - Common Sense.


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