Wednesday, November 15

Fox News: Look for some insurgents who are Thrilled by the Dem Takover

As reported by Huffington Post, an internal Fox News Memo provides the marching orders for Fox Correspondants to "find insurgents who are thrilled at the prospect of a Dem Controlled Congress".

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But wait it gets worse...

Besides insulting the Patriotism and competence of Democrats with the suggestion that the insurgents "must be thrilled" - the memo also includes other cheap shots.

In the House, the newly empowered Dems will shed some blood before settling in. Murtha will challenge Hoyer for the leadership. A former hawk v. a political hack. Garret will observe.

But from watching last night Hannity and colmes they've already gone far beyond name calling in their new attempts to Swiftboat Murtha. They've dredged up allegations dating back 26 years that Murtha was involved in Abscam.

Congressman John Murtha (D-PA) was not indicted or prosecuted [for involvement in Abscam]. The FBI videotaped Murtha as saying, "I'm not this point. [If] we do business for a while, maybe I'll be interested, maybe I won't." to $50,000 cash right after Murtha had offered to provide names of businesses and banks in his district where money could be legally invested. See the Video (Warning:NSFW)

Lets just get this straight, they were discussing where money could be LEGALLY invested - not a bribe - and Murtha said "No". This is their big scandal?

No wonder their expecting to see insurgent jumping up and down in joy now that the Republicans have had their ass handed to them. Nearly all of their so-called "Democrat [sic] scandals" are fever-dream fantasies.

Where are their news reports about Right-Wing Blogger/Freeper who has been the source of the Anthrax Hoaxes used against Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer? Not to mention Sumner Redstone, John Stewart and Keith Olberman?

They don't have to go to Bahgdad or Sadr City to find an insurgent committing acts of terrorism against American citizens -- all they have to do is go to the San Fernando Valley (Or check some of the posts on Free Republic).

Call me silly if you will, but that's some fairly unbalanced coverage I'd say.

No wonder these guys have been losing the War on Terror and in Iraq - they're much to busy waging the War on Democrats (and losing that too).

The revelation of these types of top-down marching orders is not new, it was first revealed by Director Robert Greenwald in his movie Outfoxed, which he readily discussed with Keith Olbermann.


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