Thursday, November 3

Hollywood Republicans

Almost exactly one year ago, I broke ranks with anything having to do with the Republican Party. For many years I considered myself a centrist, I felt there was good in the view of both parties - and that the greatest danger was to believe either of them blindly and without reservation.

I still believe that.

But on that day the depths of my deep sadness and worry about the future of this nation and this world with the likes of those who currently control the Republican Party, were boundless. I was in a band with other members who were Right Wing and Republican. I could never do that again. I could never again deal with such people because the core of the Republican Party has become to exist in a constant state of cognative dissonance, where the most obvious facts of reality were subject of speculation and endless debate and arguement. At one point of time I could respect an honest debate with a person who simply held different beliefs, now I know that those who continue to support this President and this Republican Regime certainly do not do so from the basis of any honestly held moral conviction or belief. They do so simply because of self-interest and fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of terrorism, fear of gays and fear of minorities.

Sorry, but no cooperative entity can effectively function in such an environment, and that certainly includes both Hollywood and the Music Business - both of whom I still hold a great affection for. With this in mind I publish this... a list of Hollywood and Entertainment Republicans. Some of these people may indeed be very talent, but some things are actually more important. I for one know that I'll never watch or support anything done by these people ever again. You can make up your own mind.

From Wikipedia.

Republican officeholders

Self described Republicans

Just for comparison - here are the Hollywood Dems.


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