Thursday, June 9 joins Conyers for 500,000 Signatures

Over the last week, Rep John Conyers has been asking for internet signatures on his second letter to President Bush on the Downing Street Minutes. His initial goal was 100,000 signatures, however the overwhelming response he received quickly made that goal a reality within a few days, at which point Randi Rhodes of Air America Radio joined in and Conyers changed his goal to 250,000. Three days later and he has 145,000 signatures. Now he's turned to Conyers wrote today on his blog:
New Goal on DSM: Half a Million Signatures Joins the Fray

Today, I am pleased to announce that, one of the pioneers in internet activism has joined our drive to demonstrate that the stonewalling of the White House on the Downing Street Minutes will not stand. We deserve answers and we deserve them now.

Given Moveon's involvement, I think we can go for half a million signatures, don't you?

The blog itself has become the frontline for the political battle on this subject. Republican friendly trolls and freepers (Free, regularly show up and attempt to disrupt the flow of conversation and make claims such that the minutes are merely the impression of someones impression of someone's elses hearsay comments in Washington (which is true) - to claiming that no one in England has substatiated the contents of the minutes (which is not).

The issue is still far removed from the day-to-day consciousness of the average American, whle the revelation that President Bush may have manipulated the intelligence facts to make War with Iraq inevitable - is hardly suprising to most. At this point in time, a lot of them simply don't care -and don't see how closed door discussions between high-level U.S. and British officials have any impact on their daily lives. Yes, we have over a 150,000 troops in Iraq and yes we've suffered tens of thousands of wounded as well as 1,600 American casualties. In a country of 250 Million, most people still don't even know anyone whose been to Iraq, let alone been wounded or killed. It's all far below the radar screen.

But not for everyone. Like the die-hard freepers who troll through conyersblog, there are an equally obsessed group of democrats and disaffected republicans who are growing increasingly angered and disgusted by the curruption and disception of this Administration. I have little doubt that, with the continued aid of the new democratic infrustructor of progressive radio such as Air America and grassroots internet campaign sites such as, Rep Conyers will indeed find his 500,000 signatures and possibly a bit more within two weeks or less.

But will that be enough to make the average American finally look up from the pile of bills on his brand new (Non GM) SUV, Mortgage, Cable and multiple Cell phones? And more importantly, will it finally cause President Bush to stop ducking the question?

We'll just have to wait and see.

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Jet said...

I see the troll activity on Conyer's blog as a good thing. He's on their radar because their house of cards is leaning. This tactic of railroading lies is wearing out. People are sick of the bitching. I think Conyers is the right man at the right time. He is pushing, and because the DSM support is groundswell rather than top down, once the velocity of support reaches a certain strength, it will not be denied. The key is to keep pushing.

Blog on, Vyan.

Vyan said...

I agree, and thanks.