Wednesday, May 18

Revenge will be sweet

Some months ago I wrote of "Revenge" for what the neo-cons are doing to this country. The plundering of our Treasury, destruction of our schools and ecology, freedom abrogated, vicious and unneccesary torture and murder committed in the name of "National Security", turning the profession of journalism into mindless tabloid talking-heads - at a certain point, people will begin to recognize what is going on and wake up. At a certain point, even lifelong Republicans will eventually hear and see something so eggregious they'll find themselves in doing a spittake of the administrations latest batch of Elephantine Kool-aid. Eventually, times will change.

It appears that Jim Lampley on the brand new agrees.

Jim Lampley: I find myself reciting three words in response to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's "Nuclear Option": bring it on!!

It's excruciating on a day-to-day basis to have to endure the social divisiveness, elitist arrogance and blatant media control of creeping fascism in America. But each step in the neoconservative push to remake the country in their prescribed image plays a little further into the hands of reasonable progressive political thought. Five years ago I began telling my friends that George W. Bush and company would provide the greatest stimulus to liberal momentum since 1968. Now they are following the script perfectly, substantiating and confirming all my eager expectations about backlash.

The Republicans seem to believe they are on the verge of solidifying an empire here, an empire built on subsidy and protection for the rich balanced by casual contempt for middle-class working Americans. They've spent five years rigging the machinery of politics and distracting attention from their raid on the Treasury by focusing public attention on issues of personal morality. And on the surface, it has worked. But beneath the surface, they have no real foundation, as a variety of statistical indicators show.

Start with Bush's approval rating, below fifty percent in the days before the election, persistently below fifty percent ever since. The public demonstrated in opinion polling that it was overwhelmingly opposed [pdf] to Congressional and judicial intervention in the Terri Schiavo right-to-die case, but the Tom Delays and Bill Frists of the world ignored that feedback. The Iraq War continues to show its true colors, to the increasing discontent and impatience of the voters, but the Bush Administration has no exit plan and will clearly still be mired in this futile effort to establish "democracy" when the next election rolls around. The historic budget deficit grows each day, but the Administration doggedly insists tax revenues will grow to shorten it up-- yeah, sure they will. The Administration and Capitol Hill "leadership" continue to obsess about privatizing Social Security and packing the courts with oligarchist jurists, while the public asks in overwhelming majority for attention to be paid to jobs, economic breadth, reduction of healthcare costs, a legitimate energy policy and an end to the no-win war.


I think it's important that this revolution of political thought occurs across the Democratic/Republican divide. It needs to happen on a bi-partisan basis, or else it will be seen merely as a Democratic Power-Grab in retaliation for the current political success of the neo-cons. (This is why I stand as a Centrist, and not a "Liberal". It's crucial that Democrats and Republicans come together on this.)

Neo-cons and their blindly faithful supporters, are fond of saying that their opposition among Democrats (as well as the few Republicans such who will stand up to them, such as Chris Shays, Chuck Hagel or George Voinovich), have no ideas and no ideals - but sometimes what you stand for is defined by what you stand against.

If you stand against the bankrupting of the nation - you should stand with us. If you stand against taking healthcare away from our veterans and soldiers, you should stand with us. If you stand against the corruption of the media and the fearmongering of the populace, the corporatization of our elections, the politicization of our churches and the slow decent of much of our populace, both native born and immigrant, into endless debt and wage-slavery - Republican, Democratic or should stand with us, and against the neo-con agenda.

It's clear that the neo-cons in Congress and Administration have lost all sense of proportion and propriety. They are not going to stop, each and every week something more and more outrageous and eggregious occurs. The Schiavo Fiasco, Bolton Disaster, and now the Nuclear Option. At a certain point - sometime soon - the danger of this continued insanity will become abundantly clear to the vast majority of Americans, they'll be angry and they'll demand a change. We need to be ready.


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