Wednesday, May 18

BBC: More evidence in Illegal Iraq War

Here's more of what everyone already knows, but can't seem to find a way to care about.

From Apian on Dailykos.

The Downing Street minutes are only one of a set of documents leaked to the BBC, (British Broadcasting Corporation) in late March. A careful reading of the following will reveal seven different memorandum, and includes references with direct quotations taken from the Downing Street war council minutes. This is further documentary evidence that the Iraq war was planned well in advance of 2002, that intelligence was fixed, that the UK knowingly entered into an illegal war with Iraq, and that Washington pressured, or forced, Goldsmith to reverse his opinion that the Iraq war is illegal.

Please read carefully, and send this transcript to US news sources. The Washington Post, the New York Times, and the Chicago Tribune, in particular. There are seven different documents quoted here.

It is important when discussing or writing about these documents that you differentiate between memos, minute or minutes, and transcripts. Minutes carry a heavier legal weight than memos, which are a more informal record. Being accurate about documents now will save a lot of confusion down the line.


WARE: Mr Blair was told the Bush administration was considering overthrowing Saddam Hussein and invasion was the only way of doing this, but it would require a legal justification. The Prime Minister was advised: "None currently exists." Nevertheless Mr Blair would make a commitment to regime change, this would be a radical departure in British foreign policy which he withheld from most members of his cabinet.


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