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O'Donnell is now Running Away Even from the Fox Disinformation Network

In the wake of the HBO show "Real Time with Bill Maher" showing this clip of Mad Mad Tea Partier Christine O'Donnell's revelations about "Dabbling with witchcraft" - O'Donnell has proceeded to cancel her scheduled appearances both Face the Nation and Fox News Sunday.

Since Friday the News of O'Donnell's outburst on Politically Incorrect has been bouncing back and forth around the internet like a piece of Flubber in a Shake-N-Bake bag. I first saw it on thinkprogress Friday night, and by midday Saturday it was being tweeted by ABC News.

Yet compared to some of the other ridiculous whoppers she put out there, I don't think this is particularly bad. What she actually describes isn't any "dabbling" on her part, only that she dated someone who had a Satanic Altar. What it really reveals is that she's too tragically soup brain stupid not realize that sitting on an altar, that you don't even know is an altar, doesn't make you a "Satanist" any more than wearing a ton of patchouli makes you a Wiccan.

But then there's a lot of things she doesn't seem to know, and the number one thing is that none of the ridiculous statements coming from people like her or Jan Brewer, Rand Paul or Sharron Angle seem to be really doing them any damage - so why should any of it hurt her any either?

Besides the fact he thinks Businesses have the "Right" to discriminate against anyone they wish - Rand Paul still leads Jack Conway by 8 points. Jan Brewer is on the hunt for a head-less horseman, and can't tell between the Mexico and Arizona borders, but she's still ahead of challenger Terry Goddard by 22 Points. Sharron (2nd Amendment Remedies/we've Spoiled people with Unemployment Insurance that they Paid for) Angle is still within 0.4 points of Harry Reid.

And it's not like these are the only people making frankly nutty statements these days. Newt Gingrich had a big fat two-fer yesterday at the Values Voters Forum.

First he claimed that we need to outlaw judges ruling on the basis Of Sharia Law!

"We should have a federal law that says sharia law cannot be recognized by any court in the United States," Gingrich said to a standing ovation from the audience. The law will let judges know, Gingrich said, that "no judge will remain in office that tried to use sharia law."

Seeing as the constitution already says this, he might have a slight problem implementing that law.

The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.


The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

The only way to remove a judge, except by election, is by impeachment for Treason, Bribery or High Crimes yet at the same time "There shall be no religious test" for any officer in the United States, which includes judges.

So exactly how do you "remove them" for judging using "Sharia Law" - which they can't really do anyway since it has no Constitution or legal basis - when you can't require or ban any particular religious faith or belief on their part? "No test" means No Test, Newt.

And even if you could get over these two hurdles, wouldn't such a law also be usable to ban the use of Levitican Law in the court room, which would severely undermine both the right-wings long standing efforts at anti-abortion and anti-gay measures?

Would most attorneys have to be banned from the court for wearing mixed fiber suits?

The second crazy thing from Gingrich was his accusation yesterday that Health and Human Services Director Kathleen Sebelius has engaged in "Soviet Tyranny, arguing that her entire office should be defunded. What exactly did she do to enact this kind of outrage?

She sent a letter to the Health Insurance Companies asking - not demanding - asking them to stop gouging consumers and trying to blame Obama for it.

This is what got Gingrich Hopping Mad.

GINGRICH: When Secretary Sebelius said the other day she would punish insurance companies that told the truth about the cost of Obamacare, she was behaving exactly in the spirit of the Soviet tyranny. And if she’s going to represent left-wing thought police about Obamacare, she should be forced to resign by the new Congress.

This idea that we the people have to tolerate some bureaucrat being paid with our taxes to dictate free speech to us should end in January by the Republican Congress zeroing out her office and explaining that they would be glad to pay for it when someone is there who recognizes the rights of the American people.

Sebelius was not "dictating speech", she was a) calling Bullshit on insurance industry lies - and b) rightfully using the power of her office as granted by Congress. This is what she said.

It has come to my attention that several insurance carriers have sent out letters to their enrollees falsely blaming premium increases for 2011 on the (Health Care Bill)


According to our analysis and some academic and industry experts, any potential premium impact from consumer protections and increased quality improvements should be minimal. We estimate that the effect will be no more than one or two percent.


Already my department has provided 46 states with information to strengthen the review and transparency of proposed premiums. Later this fall we will issue a regulation requiring state or federal review of all unreasonable rate increases.

The point here, which almost everyone has missed, is that the PPACA allows for exactly such a regulation, and also authorizes the states to find that as punishment for unreasonably raising current premium rates insurances carriers can be bared from Hundreds of $Millions in Grants and also barred from access to the Health Insurance Exchanges and their 32 Million additional Customers in 2014.

That's the Law.

But when he's not spouting his paranoid "Cordoba Victory Mosque" tirades, Gingrich is claiming it's "Soviet Tyranny" for Federal Government to ask state regulators to do their job and Protect Consumers from getting ripped off? I suppose he thinks yanking salmonella laced poultry off the market is "Tyranny" too?

With Crazy like this regularly emanating from the curled lips of long-time GOP stalwarts like Gingrich - not just brand new fringies like Angle and Paul - exactly what is it that Christine O'Donnell really has to worry about from wee little Chris Wallace?

Unless, there's a TAPE of her - particular a Self-Sex tape (Like the one from former Miss California Carrie The Uber-Christian Champion of "Opposite Sex" Prejean) - or maybe pictures of her on the blood soaked altar of Beelzebub that might be a little too much for her flock of fundie followers to "tra la la" away with eyes closed and fingers in the their ears.

Sometimes the full-on bat-guano crazy is so thick, even a steak knife won't cut it.


Update (H.t comments) O'Donnell on politicians who Run from the Media like scared mice (with Human Brains!!)

O'Donnell: Obama is so liberal that he isolates most Americans and he'l never be able to stand the scrutiny of a general election.

Well, that prediction didn't turn out so well did it? Plus in his clip she claims that when there were questions about Hillary Clinton and John McCain "they came out with a press conference and addressed them right away" - when the ironic truth is that two years later Sarah Palin hasn't given a Press Conference and answered questions from a gaggle of the "Lamestream Media" - YET!

This isn't really a question of "smart" - it's a question of being able to function in rational society without being pathologically deluded. Y'wanna know why people like this is popular with their Lipton Tea Bag Crowd? After years of indoctrination and programming by the Fox Disinformation Network and Wingnut Televangelists, they're tragically deluded too. She's one of THEM, one of the Sheeple who automatically believes anything negative about a Democrat and Damn Filthy "Liberal" they hear.


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