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Maddow Deconstructs the Race-Baiting of Fox

Maddow on the Fox Fed implementation of the New Southern Strategy

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Maddow: That‘s pretty raw in 1960 comic book form, right?
Well, here‘s what it looked like in 1990. It‘s the same thing, this time in the form of a campaign ad on television.


ANNOUNCER: You needed that job and you were the best qualified. But they had to give it to a minority because of a racial quota. Is that really fair? Harvey Gantt says it is. He supports Ted Kennedy‘s racial quota law but makes the color of your skin more important than your qualifications.

You wrote on this issue next Tuesday. For racial quotas: Harvey Gantt. Against racial quotas: Jesse Helms.


MADDOW: The balled up white fist, the anger at what‘s being given to black people because it‘s being taken away from white people. It‘s a zero-sum. Black people are coming for you. They‘re coming for your job. They‘re coming to get you. You better band together not surrender, to fight back against the black people who were coming for you.
After the political success in the South, the politicians like George Wallace, who, again, remember, was elected four times as Alabama governor, after the political success of politicians like Lester Maddox, who used as his political symbol when he ran for governor in Georgia the pick ax handle he brandished to defend his segregated restaurant from black people.

That and after the civil rights era, the political strategy of terrifying white people about the threat posed by black people—black people coming to get them, coming to take what‘s rightfully theirs. That strategy got a new name, the Southern Strategy.

In 1970, Republican political strategist Kevin Phillips explained to “The New York Times,” quote, “From now on, Republicans are never going to get more than 10 percent to 20 percent of the Negro vote, and they don‘t need more than that. But Republicans would be shortsighted if they weakened enforcement of the Voting Rights Act.” Meaning, if they blocked black people from registering the vote because he says, “The more Negroes who register as Democrats in the South, the sooner the Negrophobe whites will quit the Democrats and become Republicans. That‘s where the votes are.”

That‘s where the votes are. That‘s the way to get white votes, by counting on white people being afraid of black people. Make clear where the black people are, politically, and count on what Kevin Phillips calls Negrophobia—locking up all of the white votes on the other side.

Since the 1970's that's what the Republican Party has been - the party of the Negrophobes. It's not that they hate black people - no, not hardly. They just don't want black people taking all their stuff away from them. Their schools. Their jobs. Their money.

That's also the way it's been during the entire candidacy and Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.

Going all the way back to the cherry-picked and twisted quotes from Reverend Wright, to Obama's big giant Pal the Domestic Terrorist (who was never tried or convicted of anything), his membership in ACORN (even though he was never a member), his "radical communist" buddy Van Jones, Sonia Sotomayor the "Wise Latina" who discriminated against those White Fire-fighters (by following standard judicial precedent), his administration blocking Voter Fraud cases against Black People and the New Black Panthers (except they didn't, the Bush DOJ did) and now fostering the racist (but NOT racist) Shirley Sherrod at the USDA and NAACP - the plan has been to MAKE WHITE PEOPLE afraid of a Black President.

And if you don't see that - you just don't know "the facts!"

See Obama is the Bad guy, and opposing him and his secret hidden agenda to spread the wealth around by TAKING IT FROM HARD WORKING WHITE PEOPLE and giving it to those lazy non-working non-tax paying Coloreds, is simply the right thing to do. It's not racist at all, in fact it's better for the Coloreds themselves, just like Mark Williams said:

Freedom means having to work for real, think for ourselves, and take consequences along with the rewards.

Yeah, who'd want any of that darn "Freedom" anyway?

Every issue, from the Budget to how Obama has responded to the BP Crisis (Creating a Slush Fund of $20 Billion to give to his "pals") has racial overtones.

Everything Obama does, to these people, is Reparations.

Therefore none of the these signs are "Racist" because their merely a reaction to Obama's Racism against them.

Obviously they're just defending themselves from the Negro-led aggression. (Just like Al Qeada, is merely "Defending Islam" from Western-led anti-Muslim aggression) They're just protecting their way of life. Saving America from the Socialist Hoarde. And Fox News is their Pied Piper.

But while all this is going on we've also had outbreaks of violence. The Shooting at the Holocaust Museum, Gregory Guisti who threatened Nancy Pelosi's Life, White Powder sent to Rep. Anthony Weiner's Offices, the Hutaree Militia and their plan to Murder Cops and Blow-Up their Funeral, the Pittsburgh Cop Killer who didn't want Obama to Take His Guns Away, James Adkisson who shot and killed Liberals at a Knoxville Unitarian Church, James Stack flying his plane into the IRS Building... and this latest attempted attack on the ACLU and Tides Foundation in San Francisco.

From Oakland

Police now say that Williams, an unemployed carpenter, told them that "his intention was to start a revolution by traveling to San Francisco and killing people of importance at the Tides Foundation and the ACLU," according to court documents.

The ACLU aims to defend civil liberties, and the Tides Foundation partners with nonprofits "dedicated to lasting progressive social change."

Williams' mother has said her unemployed son was upset by "the way Congress was railroading through all these left-wing agenda items."

The ACLU has long been a target of the Right for daring to protect those pesky Civil Liberties as they are outlined in that musty old Constitution - but why the Tides Foundation?

Could it be because Glenn Beck says their Evil?

Dirty Commies trying to propagandize our kids with environmentalism. Clearly they have to DIE. (For those of you who are utterly sarcasm-challenged - yes, this mean YOU Red State - most of the above is satire)

Here's what I really think: As Keith said yesterday - this IS. WAR.

It's time we realized that and realized which side of it we're really on... and Fight the Lies, the Hate and the Negrophobia with every fabric of our hearts, minds and immortal souls.


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