Friday, June 4

Oil Worker Filled out his Will on Deepwater Horizon - because of Safety Concerns

Via Crooks and Liars.

At least one of the eleven men that died in the initial explosion that triggered a disaster in the Gulf expressed concerns about safety practices on the oil rig. Transocean toolpusher Jason Anderson told his wife, Shelly, that he was concerned about BP's safety practices on the rig. Anderson was so worried about an accident that he spent his last trip home getting his affairs in order.

"Everything seemed to be pressing to Jason about getting things in order. In case something happened. Teaching me how to do certain things on the motor home so that I could go and do things with the kids, make sure that I knew how to do everything," an emotional Shelly Anderson told NBC's Lisa Myers.

Her husband drew up a will and talked about his hopes for their daughter and son.The last few times Jason called her from the rig he was was clearly worried.

"They were getting pressure from someplace higher up to do things that maybe weren't exactly the way Jason thought that they should be," she said. "It was a safety issue."

"Jason's father told us Jason was concerned that BP, which controlled the rig, kept wanting to stray from procedures to finish the well faster, which Jason considered unsafe," Myers reported.

The kicker on this is that after the CEO of TransOcean came into her living room promising to "Take Care of them" afer the tragedy that killed her husband - TransOcean almost immediately turned around and began to file papers to limit their liability in the spill.

Am I alone in hoping that this family has a long and serious conversation with Eric Holder's investigator in the coming days?


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