Tuesday, June 29

Mainstream Media's Crocodile Tears over Hastings doing Real Reporting

Everything Lara Logan says here is about protecting her and other reporters access, it's not about telling the truth.  She says "Michael Hasting's have never protected the Country the way that Stan McChrystal has..." - actually, if what he did help end the war more successfully you're DAMN RIGHT he protected the country by reporting the truth of what was going on - and YES, what McChrystal and his staff were doing was insubordination and directly against the Military Rules.  Getting off with being replaced and retired was a gift, he could very easily have been Court Martialed for what he and his staff were doing.

This quote from Geraldo is priceless:

Geraldo: This Hastings was a Rat in an Eagles Nest...
This is coming from Geraldo.... GERALDO!. The guy who was giving away troop positions on the Air during Iraq War and got his ass sent HOME?

A primary obligation of the hundreds of reporters traveling with coalition forces in Iraq is to refrain from disclosing sensitive information about military operations. The veteran correspondent, who was temporarily accompanying the Army's 101st Airborne Division, violated the rule during a live broadcast on Fox television.

"He was with a (U.S.) military unit in the field and the commander felt that he had compromised operational information by reporting the position and movements of troops," Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman told Reuters. After the disclosure, members of the 101st Airborne were in the process of escorting Rivera out of the combat zone, a Pentagon official told CNN.

"He will be dropped at the Kuwaiti border," the official said.

Latino Please.

Do none of these people understand what Rolling Stone does? Haven't they ever seen the John Travolta Movie "Perfect" where he plays an RS reporter, let alone "Almost Famous" about the career of Cameron Crowe with Creem and RS?

Russel: to RS Reporter William I'm opening up to the one guy, I shouldn't be talking to... the Enemy.

This is why we can't get real news about practically anything from these Lapdogs.

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