Monday, June 21

GOP Memo: Beware of Bloggers with Cellphone Cameras

The NRSC (National Republican Senate Committee) has released a memo warning their candidates not to get into "Physical Confrontations" with Bloggers with Cameras.

Dylan has a bad habit of trying to put words in people's mouths, but I do agree with Cenk that so rarely do anyone in the media actually ask a real and serious question of anyone - while we have the kind of answers like those from Sharon Angle (R-AZ) - who now will only talk to Fox News or Conservative Radio - after she get's asked questions about positions statements on her own website regarding Social Security and "Second Amendment Remedies" by a Local CBS News Reporter.

Or Rand Paul (R-KY) when he gets asked on MSNBC to clarify his position about the Sanctity of Private Ownership (in relation to Civil Rights, or Liability) that he'd already been asked by a local newspaper.

And of course none of will ever forget Former Senator George Allen's infamous- Maccaca Moment.

Either way, the Citizen Media has the guys running scared - and with good reason.


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